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Fit and Flab-u-lous Through Pilates!

Happy {almost Friday!} Thursday friends! Let me tell you what: I have been slacking on my fitness and am happy to report I am getting down to business and using deployment as the perfect time to submerse myself into Pilates! (Deployment goal #2!)

This morning I headed up into Temecula to an amazing in-home pilates studio and was completely won over my brand new Yoda! Sandee does personal training in pilates, spin and barre, but she also does small groups (maxing out at 5 clients) throughout the week. I am signed up for three more sessions for the rest of the month and then will be going to three times a week in December! Come deployment I fully intend on heading in Monday through Friday to get myself off the couch and out of the house! Maybe even going in the morning and sometimes back in the afternoon if she succeeds and gets me into the Spin craze! 

I was amazed at the muscles I felt working during our mini-introduction session this morning. She was so informative, letting me know why we were doing each move, what the benefits of them were, which regions I should be feeling it in and where I should not be feeling it! She gives such attention that I think it will be a blessing having her in my life.

My goal: to need a smaller wedding ring by the time deployment is over! My engagement ring might be able to be resized… but our wedding rings are stainless steel and can’t be. Yay for new ones!

OH, plus I get to wear these super awesome pilates socks::


And yes: I am still all about the instagram and you all will be sick of it before I am!

On a much less healthy note I am having a new chicken recipe tonight for dinner. Sandee gave me a diet plan and I am not quite sold on the extreme change from where I am right now. Our dinners usually consist of a meat, rice and a veg. Her meal plan has just protein and veg for dinner. This is the first change I am going to attempt. Oh, and pre-bed protein shakes instead of pretzels and juice. So, stopping at GNC today on our way home. In the meantime, a post-pilates nap is in order!

I am really excited about these new changes and accountability Sandee provides me with. When you’re paying as much as I am for it, you don’t not go! I’ll be sure to share the journey with you all!

(oh, and I will share how my fatty garlic chicken recipe goes too!)


Deployment Goal Two :: Work It Out

While I currently have about 6 things on my deployment goals list, I’d like to talk about the second thing: PILATES! A while back Dr. J suggested I do pilates since it is so easy on the joints while being very beneficial for the body. Well, time and money just “weren’t there” and I never contacted the woman he suggested. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a quick minute. Both time and money were there, I just spent them both on other things.

Time passes and I had all but forgotten about pilates. We had been using the track as our form of exercise and then we fell off even that bandwagon! When I mentioned to him I was thinking of joining a gym during deployment to motivate me to get out of the house he said “No, I don’t want you joining a gym!” I’m sorry, what? I simply figured the financial attachment to something would motivate me more to actually have any kind of follow through! That’s when he brought back up the Pilates and it all came rushing back to me. I thought about it and decided I was not waiting for deployment to come around; I was going to make the call and get the ball moving right now!

I called and left a message yesterday afternoon with a personal instructor/trainer and was pleased to get a call back last night! We set up my introductory appointment for next week! I am thinking of looking into a package that would not only include pilates (and the possibility of yoga, barre or spin classes) but also includes nutrition counseling! Let’s be honest, there was a whole lot of pizza rolls eaten during our last deployment and nutrition counseling could be just the thing to ensure I can stick with eating healthy during deployment!

I am really excited and looking forward to talking with my “Guru” and setting a plan into motion! The best part: It is an in home studio! The pictures I have seen on the website are amazing of her studio. I definitely know I won’t be too nervous since there won’t be tons of “juicing gorillas” all around me!

I can’t wait to tell you all how it goes (and how shattered I am after the first meeting!) and what my definitive plan is!

Slowing Down on Saturday

The weekends are usually a time for running around, shopping, or sight seeing. We head into the city (T-town) and have lunch or grocery shop. We keep ourselves busy and get out of the house. Not today though. Today, we are slowing down. Hubs has had a pretty hard week at work. One of his sailors has been giving him quite the run for his money and he has been heading home at least an hour later every day. [Please keep him and this particular sailor in your prayers, as the poor boy is a lost soul who keeps himself in a heap of trouble.]

So today we slept in. The dogs didn’t- they played outside and wrestled on the bed… so we didn’t really “sleep” in, but we stayed in bed until after 10. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and then had grilled sandwiches for lunch. Hubs had turkey and swiss and I had ham and swiss… on Jewish Rye – my favorite type of bread.

We have corned beef and sauerkraut cooking in the Crock-Pot for homemade Reubens for dinner. (I’ll keep you posted on how they come out!) We’re watching some movies and hanging out with the boys on the couch. In general we’re being lazy, but some days it’s just good for your soul!

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend, friends- whatever it is you’re getting into!

Tomorrow, we’re going to be more productive: Williams Sonoma cooking class bright and early 😀

Three’s Company!

Saturday was a very important day in our lives over here at TYR! We embarked on a new journey with a new little friend:

”]We give our dogs “royal” names, but we just call him Jonesie! We went up to Temecula Saturday afternoon for some Five Guys (um… I’ve been craving their bacon dog ever since I tried it a few weeks ago!) and we heard all the barking doggies at the Petco across the parking lot. Just a quick drive by couldn’t hurt, right?

But when you have a connection with a dog, you just know you need to give them the forever home they so desperately deserve! [Enter PSA on adoption] There are so many animals out there in need of good homes! Animals in shelters and foster homes waiting to find the family the fit into it. Don’t think they are all mutts either- there are well-bred dogs in shelters, and some with AKC certification. You just have to look and be patient!

You can’t just get a dog because you want a cute accessory in your life. You can’t just get one because you’ve always wanted a bulldog. You can’t get a dog just because you want a buddy for one you already own. You have to want to add a member to your family! There should be a connection and you should just know! We’ve been frequenting the shelters for the last two months looking for our next family member and leave every time heartbroken that from all the dogs, we didn’t feel a spark with any of them.

When we saw Jonesie we just knew, and the minute they let him out of his kennel and into our arms, he jumped into our hearts and we were sold. Our new baby brother is getting along pretty well and already has momma wrapped around his [kind of big!] paws.

Today we had to get some boosters and a shot for tapeworm 😦 Not loving that, but hopefully we can get rid of all the junk inside of him and move right along. He’s a mama’s boy, even if he fell in love with daddy first:

Jonesie swooning into daddy's heart as mommy filled out the paperwork for him!

We Saw It In Fallbrook | Put Your Hands Up!

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California Highway Patrol

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This morning Hubs woke up with the worst chest congestion/runny nose/cough in the world. He is usually great when he is sick! He sleeps it off and gets better right away. There’s no whining or pouting or any of the “typical man” sickness stuff. I’m the one with those “typical man” symptoms of whining and needing to be taken care of. Today, hubby is full on man sick- whining and all!

I decided to force chicken noodle soup upon him (and some good old Jewish penicillin on myself as well- just to help ward off the spreading of his sick germs!) and made him ride with me to Panera to get it. Oh, you thought I was making him chicken noodle soup? Well, we got “soup for a group” from Panera, so technically I made it by filling his cup up!

I digress.

On our way back down the freeway from Temecula I was automobilically (yep, I just made that word up) harassed by the California Highway Patrol. This is not the first time Estrada has come out of nowhere (and I mean literally, where the hell did he come from?) and almost rammed my vehicle. No lights, no sirens, nothing. He came weaving through traffic on the 15 south bound and almost merged right onto my poor sick hubby in the passenger seat. (Yes, I made him go with me, I thought the fresh air and trip might make him a little better.) I was going about 73 and only recently accelerated as the jackleg in front of me was only going 67. (Speed limit of 70.)

After he almost rams the side of the car he gets over behind me and I swear, I think he touched my bumper. I wish there was a hotline I could call because I’d love to know why it was so important for him to get to the scene which we passed moments later:

Estrada put his lights on, but he put the blue and yellow ones on. He pulled off the Fallbrook exit just ahead of us and was exiting his car to approach a car where there were three youths (we say about 14-17 years of age) standing on the exit shoulder with their hands in the air! What did they do that they knew they were busted for? Didn’t they ever learn to sit in the car, play cool, and wait for the officer to tell the to get out?

Furthermore, he hd them all put their hands on the shiny black car- OUCH!

I think I’m going to investigate via the CHP website to see if I can get ahold of a police blotter somewhere- you know, since I’m a working, tax paying, resident of the state of California… oh, wait. Well, since I live here and don’t make trouble.

Have you ever seen anything crazy… or ever been nearly rammed by a state trooper?

I Love You THIS Much…

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That’s the title of one of my “boards” over on pinterest. While recently browsing I saw something too cute that had to be added:

Sometimes hubs and I sit around on the weekends and the infamous exchange takes place:

“What do you want to do today?”

Oh, I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a can of pre-thought “free” ideas? There is a list of ideas over on My Creative Stirrings, but I came up with some for us already: We have memberships to a Mission and the zoo! Free date. There is a gorgeous pond up in Temecula we could picnic at. Free!  Head to the beach with a picnic. Free!

 Date days and nights don’t have to be expensive, however I saw another idea for a Christmas gift: 12 preplanned, prepaid dates– one for each month! I’m thinking of making it for hubs and I “from Santa”.

What are some things you do for dates?

Sh*t My Husband Says | Web Journalism Duo

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Last night hubs and I were making a Costco run. Since we were going up to Temecula we figured we would stop and grab something to eat. We’re still checking out the area and visiting new restaurants. This led to not knowing where to go as we threw out ideas to each other of places near Costco. We decided on a cute little pub called The Tilted Kilt.

Well, it wouldn’t be an outing with my husband without some entertainment for you!


As we are turning into the mall area to make our way to the restaurant hubs says: “We can do an investigative report on the place since we’re web journalists now.”

Yep… you read it right, but if gets better! I inquisitively respond with the simple: “Web journalists?”

His response: “Yeah, like Hilton Perez.”

“Baby, you mean Perez Hilton?” I ask.

“Oh, well whatever his name is,” he responds. He thinks for a quick minute and says “Do you think that’s a spoof on Paris Hilton?”

“Yes, hubby. Yes I do.”

Bless his poor little heart. I bet you didn’t know this little blog was the musings of an Investigative Web Journalist duo! Navy Man and Housewife by day – exposing the truth by night!

I lay there wide awake last night in bed jittery and asked if he wanted me to leave the room so he could fall asleep. He asked what I would do and I told him nothing- lay on the couch. He said “You could write the SMHS blog post!” I’m thinking I might need to start a separate blog for his budding “web journalist” ego and all of the Sh*t My Husband Says!