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When The Lights Went Out In Fallbrook!

I heard we made the 11 o’clock news in Norfolk, on the night the lights went out in Fallbrook. I was in the middle of a movie when the lights flickered and slowly faded out. I thought nothing of it other than it must have been the heat. I tried to call Hubs and was unsuccessful. Anyone who knows me knows I am a panic person. The longer he did not answer my page, the more worried I became.

Soon, word came from the gal next door that the base was locked down. Not much later CNN was reporting about a terrorist attack and with no power to verify I relied on words from a friend that helicopters were flying back to base and preparing. My husband got home from deployment, off the ship, and in the last two days his life has been at risk? WHAT? 

Still no word from Hubs.

We were just talking about how we needed to build a little Emergency Center in the house which I have begun calling “The Fallout Shelter”. We have yet to start. I was able to meet the Marines across the street and one of the wives (as there are three Marines, two are married, living across the street). One of the fellows just got off base, so obviously they weren’t locked down. *Sigh of relief!* We chatted, and I returned home. Then I just sat and waited.

I booked the dogs for Dogtopia in the event we still did not have power today, and then I sat thinking about blogging, tweeting, facebook and MFP! What in the world did we do before the internet?

My phone because usable for emergencies only, as I assume the networks were crazy busy. Hubs got home shortly after midnight from dealing with hospital stuff. I laid in the dark, in bed with a busy mind: after I drop the dogs off I would have Chick-Fil-A for breakfast (as Temecula did not lose power!). Would I head back up there for lunch? Maybe Panera so I could use wi-fi and get some blogging done! Would the two pounds of shredded cheese in the fridge go bad? I just went grocery shopping!

Late into the night, around 1 am our power was restored. The dishwasher (which was half way through when we lost power) kicked on. I felt the fan above us create a cool breeze. The sounds of home alarm systems began to blare throughout the neighborhood. We closed up shop and turned all the lights off. A calm fell over me and I fell into a peaceful sleep. I don’t think I will soon forget the night the lights were out in San Diego County, and most of Southern California, Arizona, and Tijuana!


We Saw It In Fallbrook | Put Your Hands Up!

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California Highway Patrol

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This morning Hubs woke up with the worst chest congestion/runny nose/cough in the world. He is usually great when he is sick! He sleeps it off and gets better right away. There’s no whining or pouting or any of the “typical man” sickness stuff. I’m the one with those “typical man” symptoms of whining and needing to be taken care of. Today, hubby is full on man sick- whining and all!

I decided to force chicken noodle soup upon him (and some good old Jewish penicillin on myself as well- just to help ward off the spreading of his sick germs!) and made him ride with me to Panera to get it. Oh, you thought I was making him chicken noodle soup? Well, we got “soup for a group” from Panera, so technically I made it by filling his cup up!

I digress.

On our way back down the freeway from Temecula I was automobilically (yep, I just made that word up) harassed by the California Highway Patrol. This is not the first time Estrada has come out of nowhere (and I mean literally, where the hell did he come from?) and almost rammed my vehicle. No lights, no sirens, nothing. He came weaving through traffic on the 15 south bound and almost merged right onto my poor sick hubby in the passenger seat. (Yes, I made him go with me, I thought the fresh air and trip might make him a little better.) I was going about 73 and only recently accelerated as the jackleg in front of me was only going 67. (Speed limit of 70.)

After he almost rams the side of the car he gets over behind me and I swear, I think he touched my bumper. I wish there was a hotline I could call because I’d love to know why it was so important for him to get to the scene which we passed moments later:

Estrada put his lights on, but he put the blue and yellow ones on. He pulled off the Fallbrook exit just ahead of us and was exiting his car to approach a car where there were three youths (we say about 14-17 years of age) standing on the exit shoulder with their hands in the air! What did they do that they knew they were busted for? Didn’t they ever learn to sit in the car, play cool, and wait for the officer to tell the to get out?

Furthermore, he hd them all put their hands on the shiny black car- OUCH!

I think I’m going to investigate via the CHP website to see if I can get ahold of a police blotter somewhere- you know, since I’m a working, tax paying, resident of the state of California… oh, wait. Well, since I live here and don’t make trouble.

Have you ever seen anything crazy… or ever been nearly rammed by a state trooper?

FroYo to Rodeo to Birthday Fun | 365.5

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I have to tell you the motivation with this 365 has not wavered over the course of the last 5 weeks. I can’t believe time is moving right along like this!


Top Center: Our first trip to Fallbrook FroYo! A local little FroYo shop. Delicious!

Top Right: I’ve gone country and got my first pair of cowboy boots… and love them!

Middle Left: RODEO! Again, I can’t stress how fun it was!

Center Square: Microbrew Festival at Pechenga Casino & Resort.

Middle Right: National Ice Cream Day 😀 We headed to Baskin Robbins for a cone to celebrate!

Bottom Left: A very happy birthday celebration with the hubster. He turned 34, on the 34th day of our challenge!

Bottom Center: First day of work! Hubs drove himself in and I’m proud to report had a fabulous day!

As an aside: When I preview this post, the image is not showing up :/ If this remains the case after publishing, I will re-publish with the individual pictures!