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Hello friends! Since setting up my Etsy shop I have been doing some thinking on the power of blogging. Not only is there a great community here, but within Etsy I have found a great community as well. I have come to understand the need to advertise outside of the Etsy community. After some careful consideration I am pleased to announce that I am adding a new feature to my blog: AD SPACE! I’m still new and these wordpress side bars drive me absolutely bananas. I’m playing around with bigger sizes, but for now I know I can accommodate 150 x 150 ads, so that’s what I have to offer:

Size: 150×150
1 Month :: $5.50
2 Months :: $9.50
3 Months :: $13.00
Feature: Guest/interview Post + Option for Giveaway and/ or Product Review
I would love to feature your business, shop or your personal blog! I post most days and average around 100 views a day. Somedays I post twice and hence generate more views. On any given week there are at least five posts. I use facebook fan page to keep some fans involved as well as the twitterverse. I also participate in several “hops” bringing a diverse crowd to my little slice of the internet! Your feature post would include a little bit about who you are and one or two links to your shop/ webpage, a link over to your facebook fan page, blog and twitter if applicable as well.  
Please contact me if you are interested or have questions at!
**New sizes will become available as I figure it out, offering larger and smaller sizes. Prices are subject to change as this blog grows in popularity, however vendors will be made aware and this page will change before that occurs.**  

Add your two cents:

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