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The Grand Ol’ Man, He Ain’t What He Used To Be

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Yesterday was hubs’ 34th birthday! Hello mid 30’S! It was also his last day of leave, and we were able to spend the entire day together. This is essential, since this was the first birthday of his, since we met, that he has been on land for! I’ve always had to plan some elaborate thing to compensate for him missing his birthday. This year, I was lucky enough to plan some elaborate things to compensate for it being the first we got to celebrate together! Of course we’ve been celebrating all weekend- but yesterday was a good day.

We hung a “Happy Birthday” banner, we wore children’s party hats, and I even got those things you blow- that when I was a kid made noise… ours did not.

We wanted to go see a movie and like idiots we just drove to the theater to catch the 10 am. Epic Fail… all they had playing was that frickin’ Harry Potter.  We then ate lunch at a cute little hole in the wall Mexican place here in Fallbrook. Needless to say, it was delicious! We are definitely going to enjoy the next three years here! The freshest, most delicious guacamole I’ve ever had, and I don’t even like guac!

We hung out at home before going to our favorite local restaurant: Brother’s Bistro. It’s the kind of place where you can get a little fancy or dress in shorts and a t-shirt. They have a little patio and we were seated right next to a little gold-fish pond! It was a romantic evening and so wonderful to enjoy with my love.

Then… CAKE!

Yep, you get me. Hubs held it a little close to his face and looks slightly demonic! He picked out red velvet. Well, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll have- IT’S YOUR DAY! I had number candles and had him make a wish 😀

Even Fiona got in on the celebrations:

Crazy Pom!

 It was one of those days you want to keep in your pocket forever. It was great to be able to finally celebrate on the 18th with my love.


Let’s All Go To The Movies… At Home

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Around Father’s Day the morning show I listen to on the radio talked about things dads say. Things like: “you want me to give you a reason to cry?” Things like the Dane Cook skit about how the amusement park isn’t going anywhere so we’ll go another day. People would call in with ridiculous things their dads say. One caller said her dad refused to join Netflix he knew it was a scam. He was talking more in the aspect of those old send in a penny and get 7 cassettes or whatever, but…

I’m sure by now, you’re all in the know about the greatest movie rip off of our time: Netflix doubling prices. It’s not the first time prices have increased, but it is the first time since I’ve been a customer that they have changed so drastically. During deployment I watched more than our money’s worth of movies. I watched two or three movies a day, since we didn’t have cable.

From We Heart It

Now that we have cable, and my life has returned to normal with hubs home from deployment, we’ve done nothing but have discs sit on our entertainment center. We can go a week or two before we watch a movie. Plain and simple: in these economic times Netflix is going to be a thing of our past [our as in mine and my hubs’]. When we want to watch a movie, we can stop by Red box on our way home and drop them back off on our way to work the next day. We will maybe watch three dollars worth of movies a month.

Do you think Netflix has done customers wrong? I think I would stick to streaming if new films would be readily and quickly available. We’re giving it a month to see. All I know is: there just isn’t enough instantly available right now for us to keep it. We almost never stream!

The downside: we have an internet connected TV which makes it super convenient to watch instantly on the TV. If we discontinue the streaming, we won’t use the internet connectivity at all 😦

Do you Netflix? Are you planning on changing your plan with the increase in prices?