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I Love You THIS Much…

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That’s the title of one of my “boards” over on pinterest. While recently browsing I saw something too cute that had to be added:

Sometimes hubs and I sit around on the weekends and the infamous exchange takes place:

“What do you want to do today?”

Oh, I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a can of pre-thought “free” ideas? There is a list of ideas over on My Creative Stirrings, but I came up with some for us already: We have memberships to a Mission and the zoo! Free date. There is a gorgeous pond up in Temecula we could picnic at. Free!  Head to the beach with a picnic. Free!

 Date days and nights don’t have to be expensive, however I saw another idea for a Christmas gift: 12 preplanned, prepaid dates– one for each month! I’m thinking of making it for hubs and I “from Santa”.

What are some things you do for dates?


Paint Chips… How [P]Interesting!

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By now I’m sure we all are on the Pinterest bandwagon. I signed up about a month and a half ago and had zero luck with the site. I couldn’t figure out how to pin. I couldn’t get the little pin thing in the toolbar that I didn’t even have. I felt like a senior citizen with an 1980’s computer mouse… hopeless.

All hope was not lost though and over the weeks I’ve browsed endless boards and even figured out how to do it myself! I still browse the boards and search for different phrases to see what beautiful things come up. As a Navy spouse I was overjoyed when I found the following pin on a friends board:

I was even more thrilled when I clicked on it and it took me to a website: Hand Make My Day! There, I was able to find the tutorial on just how Andrea made this clever little moving cards. Don’t worry- it was cleared in the comments that the Behr paint company is fine with using their paint chips in such a way, as I am sure most paint companies would be. How exciting would it be to use Blue and Yellow paint chips for a Navy move? Or, for that matter, the colors of any branch of the Armed Services!

We have a solid two years before we plan for another move, but this idea is going in my craft thoughts box… I mean, my “Crafty Times” Pinterest board… for down the road when I’ll need it!

ALSO- I think this would be cute in nursery colors for shower invites! The possibilities are endless, and right now, I’m thinking CHRISTMAS! I just can’t wait to try them!