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Slowing Down on Saturday

The weekends are usually a time for running around, shopping, or sight seeing. We head into the city (T-town) and have lunch or grocery shop. We keep ourselves busy and get out of the house. Not today though. Today, we are slowing down. Hubs has had a pretty hard week at work. One of his sailors has been giving him quite the run for his money and he has been heading home at least an hour later every day. [Please keep him and this particular sailor in your prayers, as the poor boy is a lost soul who keeps himself in a heap of trouble.]

So today we slept in. The dogs didn’t- they played outside and wrestled on the bed… so we didn’t really “sleep” in, but we stayed in bed until after 10. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and then had grilled sandwiches for lunch. Hubs had turkey and swiss and I had ham and swiss… on Jewish Rye – my favorite type of bread.

We have corned beef and sauerkraut cooking in the Crock-Pot for homemade Reubens for dinner. (I’ll keep you posted on how they come out!) We’re watching some movies and hanging out with the boys on the couch. In general we’re being lazy, but some days it’s just good for your soul!

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend, friends- whatever it is you’re getting into!

Tomorrow, we’re going to be more productive: Williams Sonoma cooking class bright and early 😀

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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. Lazy days are the best! Sometimes you just need a day off.

  2. I love lazy Saturdays! Even if you don’t sleep in, there’s something about staying in bed longer than usual that is just SO relaxing! Glad you guys were able to rest for awhile! And I hope your Reubens turn out well!

  3. I love lazy days with my husband. Today we didn’t get to be too lazy but that’s ok. Right now enjoying some homemade cheeseburger soup. YUM YUM YUM! Enjoy your Reubens and I’m so glad they are at your house and not mine. Sauerkraut=not my friend. 🙂

    I’m sorry about your husband’s work and the sailor giving him problems. I’ll keep them in my prayers.


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