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Who Do You Work For?

I recently started following Faith Blogs and their Facebook fan page. If you haven’t heard of them, head on over and check them out! It is a community of bloggers celebrating their love for our Lord and those who read them. Today, their Facebook page directed me to a new blog for me: “The Logan Family Blog“. There was a note posted with this image:

Free Printable is located over on The Logan Family Blog, which you can get to by clicking the image!

 Since last week I have been working on my Etsy shop and stamping like crazy! For those who don’t know – on Etsy, you can see how many views your shop gets. They break it down for how many individual listings are viewed as well as shop views. It is very similar to Blogger and WordPress stats. This feature can drive me bananas if I don’t pull myself back to reality, and I saw this print just in time! I listed my first item on the 18th (so… only two days ago) and have had 340 views already. It makes me paranoid that these 350 views have produced no sales. IT’S ONLY BEEN TWO DAYS, ELIZABETH!

For me personally it is so easy to get caught up in the numbers games and I freak out a little bit. Am I charging too much? Do people not like my work? Will that first sale ever roll in?

Take a deep breath and be still. This printable, these words – came into my life today as if He knew I needed to read them. I am printing it up, framing it, and placing it in my working area. I am creating because He gave me the talents to create something. I am working with my hands and have never been happier! I have ink and blending chalk all over my hands, my tank and my jogging pants (because stamping is a workout, apparently?). I feel an instant uplifting feeling when I creat something and discover new ways to use the tools I am working with. It is for Him. It is to inspire others to be creative. It is to embellish a gift, to brighten a day, to send some love.

I needed this reminding that it is for Him, and the talent he has bestowed upon me. I am an “etsypreneur” and own my own business, but I work for Him, in all that I do, and I am confident He takes note.