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Yesterday hubs’ birthday weekend celebration continued with MICROBREW FESTIVAL 2011 at Pechanga Casino and Resort. We were pleased to discover when we got there tickets were kind of expensive because the event was to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Not only was there beer tastes from about 50 breweries, but there were some restaurants offering tastes and a silent auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity. When we first got there, they gave you an event bracelet, a little souvenir glass for your samples and 5 food taste tickets (it doesn’t sound like a lot, but out of our combined 10 tickets, we came home with 4!).

our glasses and food tickets

 We headed in and made the rounds! I don’t drink beer… at all. I was more just there in support of my hubs and to watch some drunk people. One of the first booths we stopped at had raspberry flavored beer. Well, I guess that wouldn’t be too bad, huh? I think it was Shock Top. Eh, it still tasted like beer, duh, but it wasn’t too bad. Then we winded around and I saw a booth with hard lemonade. My drink! I tried it and it wasn’t bad at all! In the mean time hubs was using my glass and his glass and sampling left and right!

There were blonde ales, stouts, hoppy bears and ciders! One of my favorites was a hard pear cider! Went down smooth and was yummy! We had some brew, some BBQ tastes, and browsed the silent auction. Nothing really jumped out at us, but there was a wheel you could spin for five bucks and had the chance to win an event T-shirt, a shot glass, a variety beer pack, a bottle of wine, a reusable shopping bag, or a yellow ticket. The yellow ticket wa a chance in a drawing for a visa gift card.

Yep… a bunch of tickets.

Thirty dollars worth of spins later and we had four yellow tickets [essentially an empty prize], a t-shirt and a bottle of wine. We were hoping for the beer. The guy who spun right after me landed on the beer. Wouldn’t you know it!

We were only there about an hour and a half, and hubs was ready to go!

someone is DONE!

We had an awesome time, sampled some good beers, some bad beers, and some interesting named beers [like the German Bierbietzch]. I would definitely go back again next year and would recommend it to anyone up in the Temecula Valley area!

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  1. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to taste the raspberry Shock Top forever! No restaurants around here carry here it though and we have so much beer in the fridge that I can’t justify buying more yet. Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  2. I’m a big hard lemonade and hard cider fan myself (I also hate beer…ANY beer…it tastes like beer). Hard cider is my go-to when we’re at a “beer-drinking” establishment. This looks like a pretty decent fundrasier event!


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