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Retired life is a goal for those in their fifties and sixties. When I left my hometown my husband retired me from the working world and I joined the Housewife Industry. It’s sometimes glamorous, it’s sometimes boring, it’s always a job I do for the love of the greatest man on Earth.

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But, you’re here to learn a little more about me, huh? Here’s some interesting facts for you:

  1. I am a stay at home Navy wife.
  2. I am so much more than that though! I am coming out of “retirement”! I am the President and CEO of my very own (very new) company! I’m an “ETSYpreneur”! You can find my shop over there: The Young Retiree, STAMPED!
  3. My husband and I celebrate the following days: 23 Jan 2008- the day we first met. 17 Feb 2008- our very first date! 19 Aug 2009- He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 31 Oct 2009- We got married in “secret” [well, with just the chaplain and my grandma present] and then 2 Jan 2010- our church wedding. We can thank the United States Navy and the ever-changing Deployment schedule of the ship my husband was on then.
  4. When we got married, I became a step-mom, although we don’t get to interact with him as much as we’d like due to distance and the woman I pray most for.
  5. I moved away from home for the first tim in April of 2010, from Virginia to California, when the ship home port changed.
  6. We have three dogs:: Les Petites Chiens:: Fiona [our Pomeranian Princess] and Bosco [our Chihuahua/Shepherd mix]. We rescued them both back in April of 2010. Our newest edition is Jonesie, our “hick dog”. He’s a beagle/dauschund mix who just looks like he belongs in the passenger seat of a beat up Ford in the sticks of North Carolina or something. We adopted him from a local rescue group on September 10, 2011.
  7. I have a DSLR camera and use it with reckless abandon. I don’t really know how to use it, but consider it a hobby learning how to document our lives for memories.
  8. I am on a weight loss journey and changing the lives of myself and Hubs through our diet and exercise. Some days we succeed, some days we don’t… every day we try though.
  9. I’m a mess in the kitchen but always trying to improve and master new recipes. Some times I succeed, some days we order take out as a result. It has been a humorous ride.

There will be more to come as I think of stuff, I assure you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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