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Starting The Journey

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Hello and welcome, friends! On Monday 05 September 2011 I will be starting the journey of reading through the Bible following the Bible in 90 Days format (even though I will only be using weekdays!) and will do my daily reflecting here! Thanks for popping in over here to see the journey I will be taking not only through the Bible right now, but after Mass on Sundays and Bible Studies in the future!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

I am ready to Seek Him now, and forever!


The Bible in 90 Days | Starting a Journey

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Over a year ago I ordered the kit for the Bible in 90 Days. In fact, it was last July (like 2010) when I was back home in Norfolk! Here I find myself about 13 months after receiving it, and am finally making time in my days to do it. I am going to use my 90 days as Monday through Friday- so it will be an 18 week journey. Well, a little longer because as much as I would love to stick with it while we are in the process of getting our HHGs, I just don’t think it will happen. We will see when we get there though. 

There have been several things happening in my life that call to mind a quote I saw over on Pinterest (which I never repined and had to make an image for it- If you have it pinned, will you @ me?).

This is a print I found on a church website and added the text. The photographer is J.T. Lowery.

Somewhere along the line, I stopped making time for God in my daily life. I find myself thinking how I’d love to have a verse for certain situations, and I don’t. As a Catholic School student in my younger days, I’ve studied the Bible and read it back in high school. In college, I attended weekly Bible Study with the Campus Ministry. Then I lost my dedication to my faith somewhere along the lines.

God has blessed me beyond measure and I need to give back to Him. I’ll post updates on my progress on Fridays. It just so happens they’ll be “Faith Filled Fridays” here at The Young Retiree for a bit. I am excited about this new journey and about getting serious once again with my relationship with God.

So friends, to get me excited I’d love to know if you’ve ever done the Bible in 90 Days challenge? Whether you have or have not, what is your favorite verse or book? For verses I would have to go with the two used in our wedding (which I’ll reveal when I make my way to them – you’ll have to be on the lookout!) and one of my favorites from my youth:

Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 

Would you like to join me for this Bible study? Drop me a line [TheYoungRetiree {at} gmail {dot} com] and let me know! The organization sent out emails for every day that I’ll be using as well and can forward along to anyone wanting to participate with me! I will stand down and wait to start on Monday, 5 Sept 2011 to give you time to contact me! (As far as I know, you just need a Bible- you don’t need the one through the website.)

Helping Strangers and Making New Friends!

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Hello there, friends! I’m sure you’ve read about how the military community helps each other out in times of need. This week I have been blessed to help in my military community in multiple ways… and it’s only Tuesday!

First: This morning I got to meet another blogger! The wonderful Neidy from Neidy’s Infinite Playlist! She is an amazing Marine wife who I was thrilled to meet. We had a great lunch today and I am looking forward to getting to know her more! One of the best things about the blogging community is this: she and I are both relatively new to the area and yet have met in passing in the bloggy world. We also made our friendship “facebook official” recently! In this lifestyle we often find ourselves in tough spots: needing moral support, verbal support or physical support. I was honored when she asked if I could help her and I jumped at the chance to help a fellow spouse out today and feel so blessed that our paths crossed in real life! I can’t wait to get to know her more!

PS: I was trying too hard to get “Five Guys” in our picture and didn’t her little baby bump in, but it is adorable in real life!

Neidy and Me after a tasty lunch!

On a much sadder note, on my way home this afternoon I stopped by the Chapel on base to drop off some food donations for the family affected by last weeks fire in housing I talked about yesterday. In true Marine form, their needs have been successfully met at this point in time. The community came to the aid of them and with an outpouring of love has gotten them the things they need. I cried as soon as I got to my car, as the spirit truly touched me this afternoon while talking with the Chaplain, knowing the community never leaves one of theirs behind.

In an e-mail from the Chaplain:

If you or your family would like to give towards the family monetarily, a special charitable fund has been set up for this purpose. The ASYMCA have been at this family’s side assisting them every step of the way since they first learned of the incident. They continue to help Marines, Sailors and families in need and have shown us there are no limits to their unfailing love. Please send check, money order or cashier’s check and made out to the Armed Services YMCA – Camp Pendleton. Please write “Fire Support” in the memo line.
Monies may be mailed to:

ASYMCA Camp Pendleton
Box 555028, Building 16144
Camp Pendleton CA 92055-5028

Above all else, please continue to keep this family in your prayers! There is a mother and father who are mourning the loss of their daughter, and two brothers mourning the loss of their sister.

I do have the Chapel address if you would like to send condolences (and perhaps still a gift card for a meal or home furnishings).

The Great Thing About The Military Community

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Last Thursday upon dropping Hubs off at the Hospital for work, I noticed a cloud which looked more like billowing smoke. Sadly, it was a house fire. Today, Hubs got an e-mail at work explaining the situation: The family who lived there tragically lost the life of their thirteen year old daughter. They narrowly escaped the blaze with the clothing on their backs and have lost all else, including two family dogs who fell victim to the flames.

There is a drop off point on base for food donations, cards of condolences, and HHG items. I am reaching out to you, friends, asking for your help! Please, let us join together and help a Marine family in their greif. I am going to drop off a tote of food tomorrow at the Chapel and will have more information then.

If you can spare a few dollars on an AAFES gift card which they could use at the MCX, a gift card to a DECA Commissary to rebuild their pantry, Wal-Mart, KMart or Target. Possibly a gift card for a chain restaurant somewhere like Chili’s, Applebees, T.G.I.Friday’s, Olive Garden, or the like.

*At this time monetary donations can be sent to:

ASYMCA Camp Pendleton
Box 555028, Building 16144
Camp Pendleton CA 92055-5028

The memo line should include “Fire Support/Funeral”.

If you could send a care package with any of the necessities in it (toiletries, kitchen items, bedding, etc) that would be phenomenal as well. If not, and you would simply like to take a moment and send a card, I know it would mean the world to this family in their time of need.

The best thing about being a part of the Military community is that we take care of our own. If there was ever a time for it, I would think now would be the time. Please leave a comment and I will get in touch with you as soon as I know the address of the Chapel to send things to. Many thanks in this, their worst hour.

*Please see update from 8|30|2011. All needs have been met, but prayers still requested and financial contributions may be sent to the ASYMCA

You Can’t Make This Up, 911?

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I like to think I’m a pretty good neighbor. I keep to myself for the most part, but I smile and wave when I pass the folks right in our little cul-de-sac. Hubs and I are quiet people – there are no obnoxious gatherings and beyond the occasional fight, you don’t know we’re here. (Oh yeah, because when we fight, it’s loud.)

Yesterday after dinner (which was so very fun!) we arrived to our next door neighbor’s driveway (and front yard) full of vehicles. They have had people over since Thursday evening and we assumed it was some kind of family reunion/get together type thing. We come inside and can not help but still here the live mariachi music coming from their back yard. The bass thumping beats of this little live group were amplified, and all they had to do was turn it down a notch.

I don’t speak Mexican and they speak very poor English, so what did I have to do? Call the non-emergency police. We are not a city, Fallbrook is a non-incorporated area of San Diego County. There is no noise ordinance for the county, which means you can call and complain whenever someone is being obnoxious.

I called 411 to get the non-emergency number. I kid you not: I asked for the sheriff in Fallbrook (since we aren’t a city, we don’t have police. We rely on the county Sheriff.) and the operator asked if I was inquiring for a 911 emergency. Um, thanks, but I’m pretty sure I know the number for that one… it’s something like a nine, then a one… oh shoot, what is it?

You could not make this up if you wanted to, friends. She seriously asked me this, which makes me wonder how many times someone has called looking for the emergency number. GOOD GRIEF!

Furthermore, I kind of feel like a grandma for the fact that I called the cops on the neighbors at 10:30 on a Saturday night. They (the neighbors) didn’t even come and offer us carne asada or street tacos! I mean, if you’re going to party all night, at least offer some goods up to the people who share a fence with you. Jeez!

I hope your Saturday night was smoother than mine and if you are in the Wake of Hurricane Irene, you are making progress with the clean up. That is mostly what Nan is dealing with. She only lost power for a few minutes. Several of my old neighbors, friends, and family have severe damage to their homes and yards (down fences, a lost roof, and several trees down, a few of which found their way onto homes). Please keep these people (and the families of the 9 lost, including a few children) in your thoughts and prayers!

Fit and “Flab-u-Less” Week In Review | Week Five

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Wow- five weeks down 😀 Not just five weeks down but 6.8 pounds down as well! I like that pace and will take it after my sick week thrown in there!

This past week was a whirlwind of blessings! We got some answers to my fatigue issues and it’s a pretty easy fix. My B12 levels were 250 (on a measurement scale of 211-986!) That’s super low and we’re working on getting them fixed with shots. I have felt great since my first shot and know the issue is working on being resolved.

We are starting to eat healthy again this week, which makes the biggest difference! We were eating out tons between being sick and being tired. We did crappy Chinese take out, comfort food, and lots of Mexican! (It doesn’t help that it’s my cravy week, either! I loves me some salt as I’m getting ready for my special time of the month.) It is so nice to get back in the kitchen, spend time preparing meals and know we’re getting great nutrition. Now to work on a meal plan for this week and stick to it!

I am down 2.2 pounds this week! Slow and steady wins the race!

We are still heading over to the track a few times a week, building back up to what we were doing before we got sick. While I am there I use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). If you are in the market for one, I highly suggest you do some research and get one! There are tons out there and a wide variety of prices and purposes behind them all. I did some looking around and went with the FT4 model. It tells me my heart rate and beeps if I go below the target or above the target for activity! I love this feature because I sometimes felt my heart was going to fast- like I was about to go into coronary attack or something. I’ve only had it beep at me once for going too high, and I felt it right before the beep!

You enter in all your information and it will tell you how many calories you burned during your “exercise”. I use this term loosely for this next example. Last weekend, once we were finally feeling better we did a deep clean of the house. I used to laugh when I saw people logging “cleaning” as exercise on My Fitness Pal. Saturday I worked up a good sweat and Sunday I threw on the HRM. I burned a pretty impressive amount of calories by dancing around the house while cleaning and jogging in place while switching laundry from the washer to dryer. I tracked it for the day as well! I don’t laugh when I see it, but I don’t track simply doing the dishes either (although I wanted to yesterday for all the yumminess we ate on our dinner date!)

It has overall helped with being able to have a better understanding of what I am actually burning, to keep on top of my “net calories” for each day. I definitely eat back my work-out calories to ensure my body doesn’t go into starvation mode, which is super important, especially on Tuesdays now that we’re line dancing!

If you are on this journey with me, I hope you have a “flab-u-less” week, friends! Let’s make it a kick ass one and Rock this B**CH!

Blinded By The Light

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Happy Saturday, friends! Hubs and I are having a pretty lazy day out West- keeping an eye on my Wavy 10 updates via my facebook feed and keeping in touch with Nan. All is going well right now with my family, however I do have a prayer request for you: I went to school with twins and their mom has lost the roof on her house! This before Irene even nears the Norfolk, VA area. Please keep her in your prayers as Irene moves closer and during her rebuilding phase.

Other than this, we are getting ready for a BLIND DATE! Yep! We are meeting Lindsey, from A Freckled Life this afternoon and joining her and her husband for what looks like a delicious dinner. We all know the train wreck that came from my last meet up with a blogger, so I’m a bit nervous!

You never really know someone until you meet them. I know I may come across as a quiet, shy, reserved lady on here (hehe) but I’m loud, obnoxious, and a blogger (which means there is no you to me confidentiality, everything is subject to find its way to the internet). I have a good feeling about dinner though and am so looking forward to it! It has been great meeting more folks and having our social calender fill up! We are going to an Italian place that Hubs and I have never been to. They have chocolate ravioli, and can I just say my mouth is watering waiting for dessert!

The only bummer is I’m on antibiotics! (To which I give a boo and a hiss!) I was so looking forward to enjoying a nuts&berries with dessert- nectar of the Gods my friends! I will definitely let you know just how douchebag Lindsey finds me (which hopefully will be ZERO!), how delicious the chocolate ravioli is, and if I can restrain myself from the fried mozzarella and stick with the house salad instead. For now it’s off to shower land! My nails are a wreck, sorry Linds!

PS: Did I mention I give everyone nicknames while refusing to answer to “Liz” myself? So, Linds, we’ll see you soon 😀