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Day One | #B90Days

The reading for today was Genesis 1-16.

I had signed up and received daily e-mails from the B90D Ministry and from the one for today they include that the Key Verse is:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them. Gen 1:27

They also give you “something to ponder” and the thing to ponder for today was:

What was Eve’s real sin? (Gen 3:1-13)

As I sat down to read, I had these thoughts in my head: I know I would be reading through the story of creation and original sin. We all “know” these tales, but reading them was moving today. Gen 1:27 was one I actually noted before I knew it was the key verse. After reading the story of creation – a story we all know – a story I had studied and written my own version of in an Old Testament course I took in College – this verse slapped me in the face.

God created everything around us- the mountains I am so blessed to see everyday, the streams we see cutting through the land, the coyotes I am so fearful of! God created the world for us to live… God created US! It’s just not something I think of too often, unless I’m seeing a landscape for the first time. Since moving out to California, I have paid more attention to the amazing land around us and thought how wonderous God is.

Today, so far I have read through Chapter 5. This is where it kind of got boring [Sorry, God, but it does]. We read about how people lived to be 900 years old and this guy had this son, who had a son, who had a son, and so forth and so on until Noah was born.

The reason I was only going to read on the week days was because my husband is very trying when it comes to alone time. He very much is into being together when we have the opportunity to be together and I recognize that this venture (of reading the Bible) is my quest and might never be his. Reading 16 chapters is a lot for one day, when Hubs has the day off. Hopefully since I’m only falling behind on the first day, I can pull back through tomorrow while he’s at work or perhaps a little more tonight! We’re up to the story of Noah- another one we all know and have heard, but when was the last time we took the time to really read? I can’t wait.