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Fit and “Flab-U-Less”

“No one ever drowned in sweat!”

Photography by Giles Smiles Photography

I have always been a heavy girl. I don’t ever remember not being in “fat” clothes. I always accepted the woman I was and lived with her. After high school I got heavier with the lack of sports in my life. In 2006 I began working for a two-story restaurant and bounced up and down all day working doubles, usually five to six days a week. I was about 225 at the time. In 2008 I got a job at a Doctor’s office where I mostly sat at a desk as receptionist. The weight slowly crept on. I worked on my feet as a medical assistant for about three months and was getting in better shape just by the change in lifestyle.

Then I got married, and retired into the housewife industry where it slowly crept back on. When Hubs got back from his second deployment, we went out to eat all the time. We were exploring our area, eating delicious food at fine dining establishments. Within a month I had gained 10 pounds. I knew it was time to make a change- for good. 

Day One of my new life: 7.24.2011
NSV Goal: Jog 4 laps – 1 mile!
Weight goal #1: 29.3 lbs lost
Then 10% of each goal until… 
BIG GOAL: somewhere between 150 and 140

Join me on my journey as I document it [trying to weekly, on Sundays, with the week in review]! I’ll be sharing new recipes we’ve tried and liked, general updates on how I’m progressing, and workouts I’m trying.

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  3. Fit and “Flab-U-Less” Week In Review | Week Three: down 2.4lbs this week, grand loss: -6.8lbs
  4. Fit and “Flab-U-Less” Week In Review | Week Four: (recovering from a horrible week in bed with sickness and sharing our awesome “Before” working out Photo Shoot!) up 2.8lbs this week, grand loss: 4.6lbs
  5. Fit and “Flab-U-Less” Week In Review | Week Five: down 2.2lbs this week, grand loss: 6.8lbs  
  6. Fit and “Flab-U-Less” 6 | “Free Days”: down 2.6lbs this week, grand loss: 9.4lbs
  7. Fit and “Flab-u-Less” Week In Review | Week Seven: down 0.8lbs for a grand total of 10.2! Also: Boxing as a new hobby!
  8. Fit and “Flab”-u-less | Breaking Past Ten: after a plateau, down for a grand total of 12.6!
  9. Fit and Flab-U-Less Through Pilates: Beginning a new journey to get where I want to be! 


*This is representative of my personal journey for weight loss and overall better health. I have no formal (or informal for that matter) education in nutrition or exercise. I have consulted my physician and keep in contact with him if I feel something with my body just is not right. You should consult your physician before starting a new diet or exercise plan.


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  1. Hi there! It’s me again!! I found your blog through a friend and was snooping around…sowwy. It’s a bad habit but you find the most amazing people this way. I too am on a journey with my husband. I was always pretty “sturdy” but after two kids, full time motherhood and a talent in the kitchen I was a BIG girl!! After Christmas this past year I made the mistake of standing on the Wii scale and was shocked to see how big I’d gotten. The journey began the end of January and I managed to get my husband on board, too. Not a small feat, I must say. Since then I’ve lost 65 pounds and he’s lost 40. I’d like to take off at least another 60 pounds. He’s at his goal…dang it!! We got on the South Beach Diet and basically just changed our lifestyle. My big challenge now is to get off my still ample behind and exercise. I commend your on your journey!! Keep going!!


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