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Impromptu Date Night | Al Fresco

About a month of so back we discovered a cute little shopping center just down the road in Bonsall. We aren’t even sure if people live in Bonsall since we mostly drive through on our way to Oceanside, but we’re sure people do! We have passed this shopping center on several occasions and it just kind of looked unimpressive. Even after going through it we aren’t entirely sold. There is a pizza place where we get the most delicious pizza in town from and an over-priced Chinese restaurant with awful service. There is a mini movie theater and a Jack in the Box. There’s a tiny little grocery store.

Then there is an amazing little Italian restaurant: Al Fresco! We went a few weeks ago to their Sunday champagne lunch buffet. We figured it was the perfect way to sample their menu, and we fell in love! So last night we had an impromptu date night where we got dressed fancy and we headed out.

I love my husband in his purple shirt!

It was such a nice date night! We were able to sit and enjoy each other talking about our days and just laugh with each other! We needed a good date night like that!

When you first arrive they bring out bread sticks and a saucer with sauce in it. The brought us three bread sticks and Hubs ripped the third one in half, place half on my bread plate and said “Now that’s love!”

And you know what… it is! Sharing food with each other, making sacrifices for each other. Huge ideas in marriage exemplified over something as small as a bread stick. We get it right sometimes! We also got it right with dessert::

The most delicious Canolli I've ever had!

I hope you all are having an amazing Friday and enjoy the weekend. Even if you can’t afford to go on a fancy date night: get dressed up, sit at your coffee table, and share bread sticks! Create memories with your loved ones. Do something a little different from your normal routine! Enjoy the little things!

*I’m linking up with Lindsay! Go to her blog to check out the little things other folks hold near and dear!



Get it… like “iPhone” mixed with “fanatics”?

Earlier last week I was hanging with Neidy and she was telling me some pretty awesome information about the iPhone and communicating with her husband with it. I tried not to be too rude, but needed to have all the deets about just how much these phones were, as the only person who had ever shared lead me to believe the phone bills were outrageous.

Oh, yeah… we were two of the five people still on the planet who didn’t have iPhones. I talked with Hubs about it and we decided Wednesday we would go out over the weekend and check them out.

Needless to say, this is my first time on the computer since Friday afternoon! We both got the iPhone 4 (not the one that talks to you- we figured we would start a little simpler!) and are addicted to them!


We really though we wouldn’t use them very much and that they weren’t worth their cost. Boy, were we WRONG!

Does the lady with the Brostache have an iPhone?

Ok, sure… maybe we’ve gotten some silly apps, but who can resist the BroStache (which was free, and is voice activated to move when you talk!) one? We also are both on “Words With Friends”(come find me, my user name is “TheYoungRetiree”)! We have been playing each other since we got the phones! Oh, and he won our first game of “Hanging with Friends”!

Of course, I am foursquaring my way around town and instagramming like it’s going out of style! I’ve been tweeting, facebooking and mailing from it. I have even been finding my way around in the dark thanks to the flashlight app! I really have no clue how we talked ourselves out of them for so long!

Take The Last Train To… Boot Camp?

This two months of pre-deployment prep are going by too quickly for my liking. The fun part is spending time with Hubs and of course, documenting this separation in our life with an awesome pre-deployment photo shoot! I have been giddy planning this shoot! Oh, and of course running thoughts through my head for one upon his safe return (which of course is going to be in his Army uniform-duh. We think it will be ACUs?)!

Our engagement pictures were jeans and white button downs. We did the Coronado Ferry Landing last deployment with the San Diego skyline in the background. Hubs in his dress uniform and me in a pretty tweed dress (which was actually my homecoming dress from the previous deployment!). We have our awesome beach pictures from this summer. I wanted something different and reflective of the time of year: AUTUMN! Oh, and a little bit of Christmas since we’ll be doing them in early December. We are going to be taking them in an old train station in San Juan Capistrano! Hello amazing architecture!

This morning with the help of some awesome facebookers I worked my way through our thoughts (argyle sweaters, bright funky colors, peacock accessories, flannel and cowboy boots, among others). I ultimately decided on my go to black dress for me with a red three-quarters length sleeve sweater and some amazing shoes I bought about 4 years ago and just unpacked from our HHGs. I’m thinking gray dress pants for hubs with a black or gray shirt… (or perhaps his really pretty purple one?) with or without tie.

I was at the thrift store today arranging a pick up of some of our old furniture when I saw the most adorable accessory across the room::

Only $3!!!

A lady bug found me taking pictures and definitely gave it her seal of approval! Eeeek! I am so excited! Even more exciting is since we’ll be doing them in early December, we will definitely be doing this to send out with our Christmas cards! The hunt now begins for candy canes that big!

Going out in our Christmas cards! Except... of us!

I can’t wait to have the shoot and show you some of the pictures!

Makes Me Want To Take A Back Road!

This past Saturday Hubs and I travelled out to Julian, CA! The thing I love about living here is you can go from the beach, to the mountains, to the desert all in one day, and all in one county! The journey for us was about an hour and the scenery along the way was breath-taking! We passed through two or three Indian reservations and were out in the mountains in no time. We saw the change in topography from palm trees, to dry sandy rocks, to evergreen trees! Along the route we had to stop to take in some of the beauty that is California!


A beautiful view!

As bloggers, most of you stop to take pictures of strange things, what you eat, what you wear, and like this, beautiful scenes. I photo document everything. Hubs just doesn’t get it, still! When I ask him to get out of the car for a quick picture, this is what I get:

He will learn one of these days, and that's why I love him even more!

He awkwardly stands on the side of the road, in the middle of a patch of brush on a turn about, as I try to capture pictures for our amazing memories! He does it even though he thinks it’s odd, and I love him for that! We do not have a tripod and these moments are exactly when I tell him I need one in my life! Instead, I balance the camera on the roof of the car and snap a picture of us, in nature, enjoying God’s beauty!

That awkward couple on the side of the road that you drove by!

Taking those back roads that twist and wind makes the trip that much more enjoyable. Being able to see things we never thought we would is such an amazing experience! What might seem like hills to those who grew up in the “real” mountains are enormous works of God’s creation to me! When we got to Julian, we of course stopped at the Julian Pie Company and grabbed a slice of pie and then it was off to the California Wolf Center! More on those later!

For now, spill it:: where is the most awkward place you stopped to take a picture for the memories or for your blog?

Two Years Later :: Happy Anniversary, Love

Most wedding anniversaries are romantic and celebrated as such. Not for Hubs and I! We celebrate two very special “wedding” days. Today is the day written on our wedding certificate and the day we said “I do”! We even have matching skull and cross-bones rings we gave to each other that day.

So we are having a romantic dinner tonight, right? If I’m completely honest it will be the most romantic dinner of the year! Two years ago after being wed by our chaplain we were preparing for trick-or-treaters. Nan and I were getting candy together and setting up outside while Hubs went to get us dinner. He came back with three Chicken McNugget meals. One for me, one for Nan, and one for himself. We decided right then and there that every year as we celebrate our love we would celebrate over McNuggets! Last year we celebrated with a candlelight dinner and our nugs. This year, there will be no candlelight, but there will definitely be two McNugget meals and we’ll “cheers” with out Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider in champagne flutes.

It is one of the most special days every year. We have been blessed to celebrate our first and now our second anniversary together. We are also getting the best anniversary gift ever this year:: our car and household goods will be delivered today! The dogs will hate me as they will have some kennel time while the doors are open and the movers come and go, and I’m sure they’ll hate all the boxes all over their house, but I couldn’t be happier! I know there will be something crazy, like we’ll have three crock-pots or something, but I’m so excited to get everything again!

The last two years have been quite the ride, but I could not imagine myself married to anyone else!

The Pumpkin Patch :: 2011

Our Radio Flyer filled with out Autumnal goodies!

This weekend Hubs and I headed out on a pumpkin hunt! We learned the recipe for a delicious pumpkin and pork stew at a recent Williams-Sonoma class and I needed some pumpkin to make it! [You can look for the full report Saturday 10.29.2011!] I was also itching to take part in my favorite autumn tradition of heading to the pumpkin patch! Since moving to Southern California I have realized the east coast spoiled me in many ways. We grew up going to tree farms and cutting down our Christmas trees just like every year we went to an actual farm and picked out our pumpkins. Out here in SoCal, I have found most “pumpkin patches” are in parking lots or grocery stores (the HORROR!) so I was pleased enough when we found one off the side of the road in neither!

Hay bales with pumpkins and a curious cat to boot!

There is something about pumpkin patches: the smell, the ambiance, the chill in the air… oh, wait. It was pleasantly in the 70’s as we made our way through the pumpkins looking for the perfect ones. The smell was mostly of the hay, but they surely got the ambiance down! The even had cupcakes and caramel apples for sale, as well as cider – although there was more a need for ice than for it to be warm! The best part of autumn decorating is you can get so many wonderful things, for a pretty decent price right at your pumpkin patch!

It's like the big pumpkins had baby pumpkins!

Baby pumpkins are just about my favorite thing! They are inexpensive and can be placed all throughout your home to bring Autumn into it! We picked some out to place on our mantle to get us through the Thanksgiving season! Oh, and baby pumpkins aren’t the only great thing to be found at the patch! We also got some gourds!

Gorgeous Gourds!

I just picked up a few to put in our cornucopia, but at the price you could very easily pick up several to place in decorative bowls on a coffee table, book-case, or to use as a centerpiece on your table! We also, of course, picked out small pumpkins for our stew and the hunt began for our big boys!

There were rows and rows of pumpkins lined for you to take a look at and pick your favorite. The pumpkin has to speak to you! We looked for about a half hour before we decided on the perfect ones to bring home and make a part of our autumn decor.

Big Boy number one!

Hubs picked out this good lookin’ fella’ and we took him to our wagon! The hunt for his perfect counterpart was a little more difficult, but we finally found him:

Big Boy number two!

I assure you this is not how we would have normally dressed to head to the pumpkin patch, but we thought we were heading to a nice restaurant for their champagne brunch buffet… it was a champagne lunch (which was delicious) but an hour after we were expecting! We filled our time picking pumpkins!

With our big fella’s, our stew pumpkins and our decorations, we were ready to call it a day! We came home with quite the brood! Poor Jonesie does not like the big boys, and we had to immediately move them to the outside from inside… any tips from “scaredy cat-dog” owners? We tried introducing him to the pumpkins and everything… no dice!

Can you believe Halloween is this coming weekend? The season seems to be moving too fastly and getting away from us, even with our wonderful trip back home for some great autumn weather! Have you been to your pumpkin patch? I plan on enjoying our goodies for quite some time to come, and might pick up another little one for more stew to freeze!

Home Again, Home Again!

HELLO FRIENDS! I have returned from what will always be my home to our home in Fallbrook! Our trip was such a whirlwind leaving me with so many things to blog about and so many blogs to read!

My first official PCS is happening, 22 months after our things were put in storage and there were good things and bad.

We got to spend two weeks with Nan enjoying Moe’s, good southern BBQ, Cheesesteaks, Dog-N-Burger and of course: Thanksgiving dinner!

We enjoyed dinner with a friend at one of our favorite spots in Norfolk: Bardo! Ah-mazing. I can’t wait to share this treasure with you, and the tale of spicy guava sorbet!

We got to have dinner with my best friend and her baby (and awesomely cute baby bump!) at No Frill Grill!

I remembered all the little things from back home that I love: Harris Teeter, fields of green, JET NOISE!

I also found things about home that I never understood why people got frustrated by: Long traffic lights, everyone having vanity plates, THE HUMIDITY! I have no clue how I lived there for so long and just accepted it!

It was sad to see places I loved no longer there, and the biggest disappointment was trying to get a slice of chocolate cake at Taste… and they had no clue what we were talking about!

We had the best slice of pizza I have ever eaten at Chicago Midway Airport… and it wasn’t deep dish!

We are so happy to be home! I can’t wait to share our pictures and memories with you all!

San Diego was great to fly into but it was a little stinky! That was one thing we didn’t have back home! There is nothing better than being in your own bed though, and waking up in your own home. Tonight we have the Navy ball and tomorrow morning we get our puppies back! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!