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It’s The Little Things Like :: Blog Friends!

This is no exaggeration, dear Friends- it’s the little things like you comments and the relationships I’ve created with so many of you that truly make my weeks better and my down days brighter. This party Lindsay hosts for example, fills my heart when I am able to read up on the things you have all been blessed by during the week. It is a beautiful way to spend some of my free time on the weekends and I look forward to it through the hectic week!

The swaps we are able to take part in may seem awkward or little to others, but to me they have filled my heart this week! I have sent off goodies to three gals I have never met- two ornament swaps and one, to a blogger I am building a relationship, for no other reason than she is living without a Trader Joe’s (which should be illegal to not have one near every person!) and I felt she could use some tastiness! I had so much fun wrapping up the goodies and packaging them for the mail! I can’t wait for my ladies to get them.

Then, there was the AMAZING Cold Hands, Warm Heart swap Sandy and Illene hosted this year. I had the pleasure of shopping for Fiona, from England! I received the cutest package from her:

Awesome goodies from Fiona!

The cutest mittens (which are super warm as well!), some adorable little holiday stamps and some lotion/scrubs! It was so nice to get her little package in! I’ve not seen her post about the goodies I sent her, so it must still be travelling to her 😦

The final little thing in my life concerning my blog lovelies is I am the new host of the “Love & Envelopes Birthday Club!” Click on the link to head on over and check it out! We only have a few folks signed up right now and I would love to make it as successful as it was last year! It’s the commitment of one card a month to a birthday buddy, then you get a bunch on your birthday! The more folks who sign up, the more love we get to send to everyone!  

What are little things that are helping you with the stress of the Holidays, friends? For me… it is each and every one of YOU!


Gifts From Canada :: Package Pals!

Package pals? What?

A month or so ago I signed up on a pretty awesome little blog to be a part of a gift exchange called “Package Pals”. I was paired up with Shutterbug in Canada and sadly, as of yet, she has not gotten her package 😦 Who knew sending something to our northern neighbor could take so long!

I’ll share more on my package at the end, but for now, this is the sweet package I got in!

I thought their mail labels were pretty awesome!

Oh, I guess you want to take a peak at the awesome-ness that was on the inside though, huh? Ok, here we go:

BEAUTIFULLY packaged gifts!

Oh, But you want to really see what was underneath the pretty ribbon and paper? Me too! I ripped into the packages and was in for quite the treat from my package pal! Check out these cute things:

awesome stamping markers!


An awesome little Canadian mini t-shirt, cookie cutter of the Maple Leaf, and some Canadian coins! I was so excited at how shiny they were that I did not get a picture of just them... perhaps I'll instagram it later!

There was one more little goodie in my package::

Shutterbug's favorite candies... and the hunt begins to get some more 😀

 I had such a fun experience with this swap and it brought me some great joy during a very frustrating time in our lives. I had so much fun shopping for Shutterbug while we were on vacation back home in Virginia… and then couldn’t use what I had bought! She hasn’t gotten her package yet… but I’ll tell you about it down below!


Growing up in Virginia I thought it would be really cool to send her some peanuts. I planned the whole package out and our shopping while we were back home, then recalled she let me know she was allergic to peanuts! Strike one.

I then thought it would be really cool to get her some Salt Water Taffy, which I happen to really, really enjoy. I could almost go as far as to say it’s my favorite candy! If you look on any box of Salt Water Taffy (even the stuff they sell out here in California) it will tell you (most likely, I’m sure there are exceptions) that it was made by the Forbes Candy Company in Virginia Beach, VA! I wrote a note about how it just reminded me of going to the beach as a kid, even when we went up to the Jersey Shore (and not the MTv one) we could get Salt Water Taffy from good ol’ Va Beach!

Wouldn’t you know like the second or third ingredient is PEANUT BUTTER???? Thank heavens I thought to check, right before I packaged the treats!

So instead, I sent off this:

Sand Dollar shaped soap, a sand dollar we found out here on the beach down in Coronado, a beachy candle, and a star fish soap dish/ring plate.

 I hope she loves it when she gets it… even though I couldn’t include my favorite treat!