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A Long December… Please!

It is December and I feel like time is running away from us. This weekend we have Hubs’ departments “Christmas Party”. One of the chiefs in the department is retiring, so they are also honoring him and they were going to host it at the Chief’s Club on base. It would have cost $40 per person and the feedback numbers were too low so they are hosting it at a restaurant in one of the local casinos. It will be a change from the command events to just departmental. Such is life in the Hospital, I suppose!

This weekend we are also having a pre-deployment photo shoot. The date is sneaking up on us, friends. I feel like I won’t have enough time with him before he goes. He got a new set of orders, specific to his training. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… part of it is right here at Camp Pendleton, but they are on Lock Down, which means he will be right around the corner and we can’t have dinner or weekends together. I know he will be at training, but it would be easier if he were not right here on base! Word on the streets is they have wi-fi, so we can face time every night! Silver lining? We also have gotten word that there is a “graduation” type ceremony once they get through training that family can go to. Of course I want to be there to help welcome my Sailor to the Army!

Right now he is doing intense training on-line about customs and behaviors to avoid. Things like not giving a thumbs up because it’s offensive. Not accepting cigarettes (which he doesn’t smoke, so no worries there) but never turning down coffee or tea. Different things that can be considered insulting to the people over there.

It’s so much to take in.

We’re trying to enjoy each other right now and the time we have left together. We are booked with exciting things throughout the month to celebrate our first Christmas together as husband and wife! We are planning a pre-deployment get-a-way for a few days, a day trip up to Big Bear, and a night at the ballet to see The Nutcracker (which neither of us have seen live!) so each time I look at my planner, it is increasingly filling up!

For now, I’m off to decorate some more and get excited for our final month together!


Makes Me Want To Take A Back Road!

This past Saturday Hubs and I travelled out to Julian, CA! The thing I love about living here is you can go from the beach, to the mountains, to the desert all in one day, and all in one county! The journey for us was about an hour and the scenery along the way was breath-taking! We passed through two or three Indian reservations and were out in the mountains in no time. We saw the change in topography from palm trees, to dry sandy rocks, to evergreen trees! Along the route we had to stop to take in some of the beauty that is California!


A beautiful view!

As bloggers, most of you stop to take pictures of strange things, what you eat, what you wear, and like this, beautiful scenes. I photo document everything. Hubs just doesn’t get it, still! When I ask him to get out of the car for a quick picture, this is what I get:

He will learn one of these days, and that's why I love him even more!

He awkwardly stands on the side of the road, in the middle of a patch of brush on a turn about, as I try to capture pictures for our amazing memories! He does it even though he thinks it’s odd, and I love him for that! We do not have a tripod and these moments are exactly when I tell him I need one in my life! Instead, I balance the camera on the roof of the car and snap a picture of us, in nature, enjoying God’s beauty!

That awkward couple on the side of the road that you drove by!

Taking those back roads that twist and wind makes the trip that much more enjoyable. Being able to see things we never thought we would is such an amazing experience! What might seem like hills to those who grew up in the “real” mountains are enormous works of God’s creation to me! When we got to Julian, we of course stopped at the Julian Pie Company and grabbed a slice of pie and then it was off to the California Wolf Center! More on those later!

For now, spill it:: where is the most awkward place you stopped to take a picture for the memories or for your blog?