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This Friday Night

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I don’t know if you remember the song “I Love College” by that Asher Roth kid. I loved my time in college though- crazy parties, good times, I guess I learned a few things too… but, as Toby Keith would say: “Nights I can’t remember with friends I’ll never forget”. That is what I first think of when I think back on college. While it is a part of me in the past [as we learned this weekend when we were out until midnight!] they are memories I have of fun times with friends. 

When I hear Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” [side note: I just got the whole line of Katy Perry O.P.I. colors. Full report to come :D] I am instantly taken back to my college days. Shouldn’t everyone have a crazy story to tell their kids? I know if we ever have kids, I’ll have more than a few stories to share… kids need to know their parents were human once as well!

I’ve been kicked out of a few bars in my life [4 to be exact, those are stories better left untold]. I’ve made friends with random strangers on the streets of Norfolk and Virginia Beach while walking drunk back to a friends car after a night of drinking. We’ve drunkenly harassed cops and never once been arrested. 

They weren’t all peachy moments. I once had to have my mother and step father drive to Virginia Beach in the middle of the night to rescue me from the scariest situation of my life because I passed out on Hampton Blvd, by ODU. My friends let a guy [whom they thought knew me] take me home when he offered. This was an event that no girl should ever have to experience, but because I did- I know my daughter never will.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT. The epic story of our generation. Rebellion. Celebration. Freedom. Oh, and that catchy Katy Perry bringing it all to us. When I hear this song I remember drinking every dollar we had. Meeting new people in bars. Peeing on the side of Colley Avenue in Norfolk one Mardi Gras after being kicked out of Red Dog. I’ll leave you with this mash-up and of course… the song!

It's A Blacked Out Blur, But I'm Pretty Sure It Ruled!

I have fond memories of all of these “Friday nights”. From passing out at IHOP, drinking shots of SoCo with strangers and stealing a few ball caps from young sailors to bar crawls, epic St. Patty’s Day parades in the OV and O.A.R. concerts. My friends and I truly had amazing nights, and pictures really did end up online. I can thank that old dinosaur “Myspace” for still having all these pictures!

Nights I Can't Remember... Friends I'll NEVER Forget!

Oh, and the anthem for young folks these days and those reminiscing on days when they were younger:

As always friends, head on over and link up with your old pal Amber for the fun!