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It Was A Good Year :: Officially 27

I finally have the pictures from my camera and thought I would share about my birthday. The very best gift I received was a gift from God:

The beauty after a rain shower

Obviously the picture from inside a moving car does this rainbow absolutely no justice. We had a gorgeous lunch earlier in the day at Dog-N-Burger, the best little hot dog shack in the world! The sun was shining and the chili cheese dog was just as good as I remembered! Definitely one of the parts of the trip that did not disappoint. They throw some fries in the bottom of a brown sack and toss your wrapped up dog on top. The only way to eat it is to lay the bag on its side, rip it down the middle and enjoy!

Our food, bagged and ready to dig into!



Man, oh man!


 When we were on our way home from dinner later in the day we saw the gorgeous double rainbow and I paused to reflect upon the last year in my life. Twenty six was pretty good to me overall. We survived a deployment and readjusted pretty seamlessly. Half the year was spent completely on my own, but it was great for growth. I feel as though I am coming into my own with who I want to be.

Hubs and I joke about our alter-egos: Harold and Maude! Sometimes we feel so old, and we bring them out. We’re not old though, we’re just comfortable with who we are, and at 27, I think I am getting comfortable with exactly who I am.

Celebrating with Nan was a bonus, and a tear jerker! She always scours and finds the perfect card to bring tears to my eyes! Still no word on the worst birthday gift. Here is to making 27 a fabulous year no matter where it takes us!


We Saw It On Dr. Oz*

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When talking with Nan I very often hear: “I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he says if you eat _____, you can _____ (lose x pounds, gain energy, not be the fatty I am, etc.).” We joke that if Dr. Oz says it, it must be the word of the Lord truth! We got her good last night after we got back from dinner!

We gave her a call and said “Nan, you’ll be so proud of us! We saw an episode of Dr. Oz where he was talking about a fabulous new diet! We’re trying it out!”

I think she knew we were full of bologna, but she went ahead and asked us what it was.

We told her: “Eat… until you are too full to eat another bite!”

We found a cute little Mexican hole in the wall here in town La Caseta, and if you recall, I NEEDED nachos in my life! Not only did we have nachos for dinner… we had them for dessert too!

You want to talk about delicious? This is most definitely it! 

*Ok, well… maybe we didn’t see it on Dr. Oz, but it was worth a shot in justifying our actions!

Sh*t My Husband Says | Web Journalism Duo

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Last night hubs and I were making a Costco run. Since we were going up to Temecula we figured we would stop and grab something to eat. We’re still checking out the area and visiting new restaurants. This led to not knowing where to go as we threw out ideas to each other of places near Costco. We decided on a cute little pub called The Tilted Kilt.

Well, it wouldn’t be an outing with my husband without some entertainment for you!


As we are turning into the mall area to make our way to the restaurant hubs says: “We can do an investigative report on the place since we’re web journalists now.”

Yep… you read it right, but if gets better! I inquisitively respond with the simple: “Web journalists?”

His response: “Yeah, like Hilton Perez.”

“Baby, you mean Perez Hilton?” I ask.

“Oh, well whatever his name is,” he responds. He thinks for a quick minute and says “Do you think that’s a spoof on Paris Hilton?”

“Yes, hubby. Yes I do.”

Bless his poor little heart. I bet you didn’t know this little blog was the musings of an Investigative Web Journalist duo! Navy Man and Housewife by day – exposing the truth by night!

I lay there wide awake last night in bed jittery and asked if he wanted me to leave the room so he could fall asleep. He asked what I would do and I told him nothing- lay on the couch. He said “You could write the SMHS blog post!” I’m thinking I might need to start a separate blog for his budding “web journalist” ego and all of the Sh*t My Husband Says!