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Last night hubs and I were making a Costco run. Since we were going up to Temecula we figured we would stop and grab something to eat. We’re still checking out the area and visiting new restaurants. This led to not knowing where to go as we threw out ideas to each other of places near Costco. We decided on a cute little pub called The Tilted Kilt.

Well, it wouldn’t be an outing with my husband without some entertainment for you!


As we are turning into the mall area to make our way to the restaurant hubs says: “We can do an investigative report on the place since we’re web journalists now.”

Yep… you read it right, but if gets better! I inquisitively respond with the simple: “Web journalists?”

His response: “Yeah, like Hilton Perez.”

“Baby, you mean Perez Hilton?” I ask.

“Oh, well whatever his name is,” he responds. He thinks for a quick minute and says “Do you think that’s a spoof on Paris Hilton?”

“Yes, hubby. Yes I do.”

Bless his poor little heart. I bet you didn’t know this little blog was the musings of an Investigative Web Journalist duo! Navy Man and Housewife by day – exposing the truth by night!

I lay there wide awake last night in bed jittery and asked if he wanted me to leave the room so he could fall asleep. He asked what I would do and I told him nothing- lay on the couch. He said “You could write the SMHS blog post!” I’m thinking I might need to start a separate blog for his budding “web journalist” ego and all of the Sh*t My Husband Says!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! He sounds hilarious!
    I’ve heard that the Tilted Kilt is pretty good! It must be a chain because they’re here in Chicago too!


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