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Three’s Company!

Saturday was a very important day in our lives over here at TYR! We embarked on a new journey with a new little friend:

”]We give our dogs “royal” names, but we just call him Jonesie! We went up to Temecula Saturday afternoon for some Five Guys (um… I’ve been craving their bacon dog ever since I tried it a few weeks ago!) and we heard all the barking doggies at the Petco across the parking lot. Just a quick drive by couldn’t hurt, right?

But when you have a connection with a dog, you just know you need to give them the forever home they so desperately deserve! [Enter PSA on adoption] There are so many animals out there in need of good homes! Animals in shelters and foster homes waiting to find the family the fit into it. Don’t think they are all mutts either- there are well-bred dogs in shelters, and some with AKC certification. You just have to look and be patient!

You can’t just get a dog because you want a cute accessory in your life. You can’t just get one because you’ve always wanted a bulldog. You can’t get a dog just because you want a buddy for one you already own. You have to want to add a member to your family! There should be a connection and you should just know! We’ve been frequenting the shelters for the last two months looking for our next family member and leave every time heartbroken that from all the dogs, we didn’t feel a spark with any of them.

When we saw Jonesie we just knew, and the minute they let him out of his kennel and into our arms, he jumped into our hearts and we were sold. Our new baby brother is getting along pretty well and already has momma wrapped around his [kind of big!] paws.

Today we had to get some boosters and a shot for tapeworm 😦 Not loving that, but hopefully we can get rid of all the junk inside of him and move right along. He’s a mama’s boy, even if he fell in love with daddy first:

Jonesie swooning into daddy's heart as mommy filled out the paperwork for him!

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  1. Awe, he’s definitely a cutie!!

  2. I thought Miley’s paws were tiny too. Looking back….I should have known she was going to be 50 pounds!

  3. Aw, what a cute little guy! E wants another pup, but I think the 60 pound beast we have now is enough!

  4. Adorable!! When we got Jack as a puppy… she had HUGE paws… now she’s filled out a bit, but at 5am when the jumping begins those paws are still farrrr from being my best friends…

  5. What a sweetheart! We love our furball boys. 🙂

  6. Awww…another furbaby! He’s adorable! I love his little spots!


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