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The Little Things Like Dogs, Bed-head and RAIN!

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I know most of you are thinking “Rain? What is she talking about?” Oh, rain, how I’ve missed you! While our lawn is watered on a regular schedule, most of Southern California is not and I was so happy to hear the pitter patter of raindrops falling earlier this week! The ground sucks it up, and while too much rain could be a bad thing in our area with mudslides, we were blessed to get just enough to quench the dry soil!

Oh, and rain means I get to break out my favorite shoes! We used to live in Downtown Norfolk, where a sprinkling would cause a flood, so anytime it rained, I got to wear these and protect my little feet… unless it was a heavy rain and I needed to wear my taller rain boots. I’m just lucky to be able to break these out once in a while here in SoCal!

Mt Sperry rain shoes ūüôā

Let’s get to the rest of the list, shall we? Les Petites Chiens have been super cute this week. Jonesie is finally settling into his new home (almost a month later!) and Bosco and Fiona are finally realizing they have a new forever baby brother! They are all jealous of each other and sometimes, all of them gang up on one of us in a fashion like this:

Other times our baby boys hang out on the couch with us in a more subtle “not touching every inch of our bodies to yours” fashion:

My three boys hanging out on the couch with me!

Lastly: I have trained my hair to be pretty amazing every now and then. When I was growing up, I loved sleep more than most teens. No lie. I would shower at night so I could sleep in more in the morning. I would then roll out of bed, throw on my clothes, grab my book bag and walk out the door. I had it down to a five-minute routine.

Sometimes my hair remembers how good it had to look bright and early and has a flashback. Hubs loves my hair first thing in the morning, and 99% of the time, I do to!

Yep, that's me making waffles at 5am!

If only I could get that volume any other time of the day! You know what has not made my week? Visiting bloggers I love, visit often or have found in link-ups and seeing this:

This means I try, but just can't leave a comment.

I give that a boo and a hiss! I’ve been reading, but unable to comment on about 99% of your blogs! I am finding I can comment if the page pops out, but not if the comment form is under your post. How awkward is that? I even cleared my cookies thinking that was it! It has been all week!

Luckily, I had a bunch of little things to get me through and let me know tomorrow is a new day, and today isn’t too bad!


When The Lights Went Out In Fallbrook!

I heard we made the 11 o’clock news in Norfolk, on the night the lights went out in Fallbrook. I was in the middle of a movie when the lights flickered and slowly faded out. I thought nothing of it other than it must have been the heat. I tried to call Hubs and was unsuccessful. Anyone who knows me knows I am a panic person. The longer he did not answer my page, the more¬†worried I became.

Soon, word came from the gal next door that the base was locked down. Not much later CNN was reporting about a terrorist attack and with no power to verify I relied on words from a friend that helicopters were flying back to base and preparing. My husband got home from deployment, off the ship, and in the last two days his life has been at risk? WHAT? 

Still no word from Hubs.

We were just talking about how we needed to build a little Emergency Center in the house which I have begun calling “The Fallout Shelter”. We have yet to start.¬†I was able to meet the Marines across the street and one of the wives (as there are three Marines, two are married, living across the street). One of the fellows just got off base, so obviously they weren’t locked down. *Sigh of relief!* We chatted, and I returned home. Then I just sat and waited.

I booked the dogs for Dogtopia in the event we still did not have power today, and then I sat thinking about blogging, tweeting, facebook and MFP! What in the world did we do before the internet?

My phone because usable for emergencies only, as I assume the networks were crazy busy. Hubs got home shortly after midnight from dealing with hospital stuff. I laid in the dark, in bed with a busy mind: after I drop the dogs off I would have Chick-Fil-A for breakfast (as Temecula did not lose power!). Would I head back up there for lunch? Maybe Panera so I could use wi-fi and get some blogging done! Would the two pounds of shredded cheese in the fridge go bad? I just went grocery shopping!

Late into the night, around 1 am¬†our power was restored. The dishwasher (which was half way through when we lost power) kicked on. I felt the fan above us create a cool breeze. The sounds of home alarm systems began to blare throughout the neighborhood. We closed up shop and turned all the lights off.¬†A calm fell over me and I fell into a peaceful sleep. I don’t think I will soon forget the night the lights were out in San Diego County, and most of Southern California, Arizona, and Tijuana!

You Can’t Make This Up, 911?

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I like to think I’m a pretty good neighbor. I keep to myself for the most part, but I smile and wave when I pass the folks right in our little cul-de-sac. Hubs and I are quiet people – there are no obnoxious gatherings and beyond the occasional¬†fight, you don’t know we’re here. (Oh yeah, because when we fight, it’s loud.)

Yesterday after dinner (which was so very fun!) we arrived to our next door neighbor’s driveway (and front yard) full of vehicles. They have had people over since Thursday evening and we assumed it was some kind of family reunion/get together type thing. We come inside and can not help but still here the live mariachi music coming from their back yard. The bass thumping beats of this little live group were amplified, and all they had to do was turn it down a notch.

I don’t speak Mexican and they speak very poor English, so what did I have to do? Call the non-emergency police. We are not a city, Fallbrook is a non-incorporated area of San Diego County. There is no noise ordinance for the county, which means you can call and complain whenever someone is being obnoxious.

I called 411 to get the non-emergency number. I kid you not: I asked for the sheriff in Fallbrook (since we aren’t a city, we don’t have police. We rely on the county Sheriff.) and the operator asked if I was inquiring for a 911 emergency. Um, thanks, but I’m pretty sure I know the number for that one… it’s something like a nine, then a one… oh shoot, what is it?

You could not make this up if you wanted to, friends. She seriously asked me this, which makes me wonder how many times someone has called looking for the emergency number. GOOD GRIEF!

Furthermore, I kind of feel like a grandma for the fact that I called the cops on the neighbors at 10:30 on a Saturday night. They (the neighbors) didn’t even come and offer us carne asada or street tacos! I mean, if you’re going to party all night, at least offer some goods up to the people who share a fence with you. Jeez!

I hope your Saturday night was smoother than mine and if you are in the Wake of Hurricane Irene, you are making progress with the clean up. That is mostly what Nan is dealing with. She only lost power for a few minutes. Several of my old neighbors, friends, and family have severe damage to their homes and yards (down fences, a lost roof, and several trees down, a few of which found their way onto homes). Please keep these people (and the families of the 9 lost, including a few children) in your thoughts and prayers!

Millie Fillie | 7.29.11

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I noticed these popping up in my google reader and I used to do them every week… then somewhere along the line I fell off the face of the earth with them. Here I am folks, back for the millie¬†fillie ūüėÄ

1. Facebook or Twitter?
They both have their pros and cons. I always have them both open on my screen too! FB is more for college and high school folks, people from¬†organizations, and women whom I don’t want to lose contact with as the navy takes us our separate¬†ways. Twitter I use more to build relationships with my bloggy loves ūüėÄ

2. Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?
Definitely the crunch of a hard taco… until I moved to Southern California! Nothing beats a street taco-¬†a small, petite taco with a soft-ish handmade shell, from like cornmeal or something? If it’s taco bell though, it’s definitely some mexi-melts ūüėÄ

3. Gardening or crafting?
Well, we’re not really allowed to take part in yard maintenance at this house since the landlords hire people, so I have to go with crafting! I can’t wait to get our HHGs and set up all my craft supplies ūüėÄ I’ve been reaming of how it will be set up!

4. Fruit or vegetables?
Oh man, most definitely fruit! Veggies I find need dressing, which adds calories… or butter, lots of butter.

5.  Motorcycle or bicycle?
Definitely bicycle. A friend of mine died on his motorcycle a few years back and it was pretty traumatic for me. Southern California has also made me loathe motorcyclists! They are pure CRAZY on the roads! Hubs and I definitely miss our days in Coronado, riding our beach cruisers everywhere! Now my pink beauty sits in the garage, waiting for our next move, so we’re back to the beach and not the mountains and can ride them ūüėÄ

Why, Oh Why, Wyoming

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You thought this was a square with a heart? No, it's Wyoming.

Retirement. It is something I think of almost obsessively. Yes: I am 26. Yes, my husband has another [hopeful] 20 years in the United States Navy. It is the United States Navy that has given me this complex of nomad-ness. We don’t really have a “home” anymore. We love it here in Fallbrook, but let’s be honest- California is just too expensive to buy a house and come back “home” to when our time moving is over and done with.

Hubs is from South Carolina, and let’s be honest: After “suffering” through the Southern California heat-¬†there is no way we are ever moving back to the south on our own recognizance. I grew up half of my life in Connecticut and the other half in Virginia. Virginia: hello humidity! Connecticut: Hello worst memories of my life! The only plus to New England would be a summer home on the Cape!

I often think about not having children, and by the time retirement hits we can pack our belongings in storage, buy an RV, and travel across the United States looking for the perfect home to call our own! There are only 48 Continental states and 52 weeks in the year, so we would have time for the military to still move us there!

We once thought Yuma, AZ would be nice. I think the heat got to our heads. We also thought Texas would be good-¬†you just can’t beat the BBQ we had at one place as we were driving through last summer. Now, your old pal Hubs has chosen WYOMING as his next dream retirement destination. I can see a spring vacation there in our future!

These are the things we sit and discuss, dreaming about our future, on Friday nights. Let’s just see how many times this changes over the course of the next 20-25 years!