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Monday Pick Me Up :: Mistletoe and More!

Monday is here again, friends and yes, I have been slightly bumming around the house, listening to Christmas music and mildly decorating as I go. I’m not a “knock it out in a day” type decorator when it comes to Christmas. I’m more of a “this table looks nice, let me kick up my feet” decorator. It will take about a week to get everything where I want it and then I’ll never want to take it down.

Today has been the worst Monday in a long time! I am just kind of “BLAH!” I had no sales in my etsy shop for Black Friday weekend which definitely has me in a damper seeing how I got quite a few items “favorited”. Hubs had to go back to work after spending some great quality time with each other for four straight days. Oh, and the current temperature in Fallbrook is 81*. Yes friends, I have my air-conditioning on!

But, I will not let any of this hold me down. After a quick stop at Lowe’s last night, I have mistletoe and a gaudy wreath to keep me happy!

Poor quality picture, but the sun was blinding coming in through the kitchen windows!

Back home the kids up the street used to sell mistletoe on the side of the road. We won’t be getting that out here, so this cute ball will have to do!

A fun tradition Hubs and I have is adding one gaudy decoration to our Christmas supply every year. We usually do this with raffle tickets from the Ship parties and we spend them on the tackiest, glitteriest ornament we can find on the prize table. This year there will be no such event so we had to track down something gaudy, and friends, we found the most beautiful “gaudy” wreath ever::

Gold, GOLD! Everywhere!

We got it being funny, but the minute I put it on my front door I really fell in love with it. Granted, I am covered in gold glitter as a result, but it really has that “je nais se quoi“! I mean, there are PEARS on it… in glittery GOLD! I’m not a gold person, which is definitely part of my distaste for the wreath… but I find myself walking out front just to look at this wreath. It definitely brings me up out of the dumps!

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