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Giveaway Closed :: Pretty Packages {K. Davis Creates}

I have UBER EXCITING news coming with the spotlight of this next fabulous shop: A GIVEAWAY! I stumbled upon this shop in my usual manner- clicking on the sponsors from one blog, to another blog, to the shop! K. Davis Creates is an adorable shop with notebook covers, awesome crayon rolls and adorable key fobs, including these:

”]I am a sucker for key fobs! Anyone who has ever done serious grocery shopping will know how awkward it is to wrestle a cart (and kids?) while you try to get your keys out of your purse or pocket! These are the perfect tool for carrying keys on your wrist so you don’t have to dig through your purse… however, I find when I throw them into my purse they are so much easier to spot when I have a bright, fun fob to look for as well. I have been on the hunt for a new one and when I saw these I could not resist. The good news about that is: TWO of my readers will get one! I don’t need three of them, so you lucky dogs get a deal.

This is going to be a pretty easy giveaway to enter as well! I don’t have GFC so no worries if you follow or not. All you have to do: Leave me a comment below that you’d like to win one. That’s it.

If you want to tweet about this giveaway you can do so by clicking the [T] button down below. 

By all means, spread the love to your friends on Facebook and while you’re there, you could “like” my fan page… it’s just not going to earn you another entry.

***Giveaway not endorsed by K. Davis Creates. I’m not even sure she knows I’m doing it. I just fell in love with her blog and shop!***

Good luck friends!

Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning at 11:53 am PST.


CLOSED :: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

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2007 - Day 191 - Brown paper packages tied up ...
Image by Jonathan_W via Flickr

Thanks everyone for participating in it!

These are a few of my favorite things… and soon, one lucky reader will have them! What’s that? You follow from facebook but don’t blog? No worries: you can win! You twitterly tweet with me? You can win! You read and love my blog? You can win! You’re a new follower? YOU CAN WIN!

I’ve made the switch from Blogger to WordPress and am mostly comfortable over here. Sure, I don’t know how to comment on all the old blogs I follow so you can reply to me. Sure, I’m still working out kinks with pictures… and the fact I think they’re automatically sourced when I add from a link (big oops on that one!) Eh, I’m not even sure you can follow me over here! But, you’re here and sticking with me! I appreciate all the love I’ve been getting over here and as a thank you, dear friends, giving away some of my favorite goodies 😀

What is it you’ll be winning? Well, there is a lot of stuff that can fit in one of those boxes! If I were Bob Barker, there would be fancy music playing right now and some hot middle-aged model would be showing you the showcase showdown, instead, you’ll have to imagine the announcer’s voice [oh, and a picture to come Wednesday after I get the licorice at World market!]:

Burt’s Bees new lip balm | Mango Licorice | Strawberry Margarita by O.P.I | Shea butter soap in an adorable box | a small bottle of BLOOMINGDALE’S signature perfume! [haha, remember my Bloomie’s stop!] | Re-usable tumbler 😀 | Pearl Necklace, because every girl needs to feel beautiful! | Nautical Napkins [even if you’re not affiliated with the Navy, they’re great for summer in general!] | A scentsy scent circle! [Donated from the wonderfully amazing Katie! Check her out!] … plus, this weekend was crazy, but Wednesday I’m heading to World Market so there could be a few more goodies 😀 (I’ll keep you updated via facebook and twitter!)

 Now comes the complicated part:

 “Oh,” you’re thinking, “how AWESOME! But Elizabeth, how do I win?”


 Well, are you reading this post? You are? Then go on down and comment telling me you are! If you are not a blogger, just comment using your name and e-mail address! That one comment is one chance to win.

 Oh, but you want more chances to win?

 Do you like The Young Retiree on facebook? Oh, you do? Tell me you do in a new comment 😀

What’s that? You don’t? Well, head on over and “like” me and let me know in a comment!

Either way- another chance to win 😀

Oh- you’re a twitter tweep and follow my deepest tweets? Let me know you are and your handle- BOOM! Another chance!

Those all seem pretty easy, huh? That’s three entries.

I think we’ll kick it up a notch.

TWEET this giveaway [by clicking the T at the bottom of this post] INCLUDING @THEYOUNGRETIREE and come back to let me know- TWICE… that’s right. Tweeting earns you TWO CHANCES! You are eligible to tweet once a day, every day! Please leave two comments per tweet.

What? You want more chances to win? Well, now you’re just being selfish, and nobody likes selfish girls, do they? I’ll give you one more though: BLOG about this giveaway, linking it to my blog, and you can get FOUR entries [please leave four comments].

All entries must be received no later than my bedtime on: Friday, July 29th. It’s a Friday, so I might be up a little later… so we’re looking at about 10:30, 11pm PST.

Winner will be posted via facebook [so, that’s an entry you’re not going to want to miss!]. Winner will then have 24 hours to contact me before we move on to the runner up!

This giveaway is not endorsed by any of the product companies. Good luck to you all: let the madness BEGIN!