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There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays…

This was made painfully aware to me this afternoon as I drove down Main Street here in Fallbrook. They were preparing for their Christmas parade and the street was already lined with chairs! EMPTY CHAIRS. It was about 1:30 and main street closes to traffic at 3pm.

When I got home and told hubs he said “cue the John Cougar Melloncamp Music ‘I was born in a small town, live and die in a small town!'” It’s no exaggeration that Fallbrook is a small town… it’s not even a town, it’s an incorporate of San Diego County. Who knows who runs all these parades they have if there is no local government in charge of doing it!

On my way home I snapped a few pictures to show Hubs and then I saw a sign “Kringle Corner” It wasn’t Kringle, I forget the name, but it was a family area. It immediately reminded me of St. Patrick’s Day and the parade in Ocean View, VA! Our family had a corner where we would all gather. We would hang out for hours before the parade started and we would have chairs up on the corner waiting for us.

I know this will sound awkward, but last year Hubs was deployed and I guess I stayed in more than I wanted to admit even to myself, because the fact that I was alone for the holidays was not made painfully aware to me until Christmas day when family began calling. This year, there are lights up, and people celebrating, and parties… I HAVE my husband home with me, and I feel more alone than I did last year.

How do adults so it? How do you move away from your hometown and get through the holidays? How do you celebrate in a town where you know no one, but that town is now “your home“? Today I learned Fallbrook is definitely not our home. We have this Christmas and two more in town. Maybe next year we’ll go to the parade and see what the hometown fuss is all about.

Oh, and the chairs? Here ya go::


You Can’t Make This Up, 911?

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I like to think I’m a pretty good neighbor. I keep to myself for the most part, but I smile and wave when I pass the folks right in our little cul-de-sac. Hubs and I are quiet people – there are no obnoxious gatherings and beyond the occasional fight, you don’t know we’re here. (Oh yeah, because when we fight, it’s loud.)

Yesterday after dinner (which was so very fun!) we arrived to our next door neighbor’s driveway (and front yard) full of vehicles. They have had people over since Thursday evening and we assumed it was some kind of family reunion/get together type thing. We come inside and can not help but still here the live mariachi music coming from their back yard. The bass thumping beats of this little live group were amplified, and all they had to do was turn it down a notch.

I don’t speak Mexican and they speak very poor English, so what did I have to do? Call the non-emergency police. We are not a city, Fallbrook is a non-incorporated area of San Diego County. There is no noise ordinance for the county, which means you can call and complain whenever someone is being obnoxious.

I called 411 to get the non-emergency number. I kid you not: I asked for the sheriff in Fallbrook (since we aren’t a city, we don’t have police. We rely on the county Sheriff.) and the operator asked if I was inquiring for a 911 emergency. Um, thanks, but I’m pretty sure I know the number for that one… it’s something like a nine, then a one… oh shoot, what is it?

You could not make this up if you wanted to, friends. She seriously asked me this, which makes me wonder how many times someone has called looking for the emergency number. GOOD GRIEF!

Furthermore, I kind of feel like a grandma for the fact that I called the cops on the neighbors at 10:30 on a Saturday night. They (the neighbors) didn’t even come and offer us carne asada or street tacos! I mean, if you’re going to party all night, at least offer some goods up to the people who share a fence with you. Jeez!

I hope your Saturday night was smoother than mine and if you are in the Wake of Hurricane Irene, you are making progress with the clean up. That is mostly what Nan is dealing with. She only lost power for a few minutes. Several of my old neighbors, friends, and family have severe damage to their homes and yards (down fences, a lost roof, and several trees down, a few of which found their way onto homes). Please keep these people (and the families of the 9 lost, including a few children) in your thoughts and prayers!