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Monday Pick Me Up:: Photographing Through December, One Day At A Time

Happy Monday, my sweet friends! I awoke bright and early to call Nan after seeing something a little disturbing on the Facebook (You know, because she is my gossip buddy!). I’m trying my hardest to ask God to help me react well to something completely ridiculous from an old friend from my youth. You all know since I’m an open book, you will hear about it soon enough… I just don’t want to be a snobby wife right now and am hoping to let it go. Let’s just say she is a brand new military fiance and you can use your imagination for the rest! Help me find peace!  

Moving right along though: You all know I am OBSESSED with Instagram ever since I downloaded the app. I have found some beautiful souls on IG, people I don’t even know but that I am getting to know one picture at a time. One of those people is the lovely and talented Julianna Morlet whom I found through another blogger/tweeter/etsier/amazing lady and instagrammer who you all might now as BellaRellaJen!

I digress… Julianna created a Photographing December list for a fun picture everyday and it is keeping me going through what has been a rollercoaster of a month (and it’s only the fifth!)! Here is her list she created (from her site)::

I Have been taking part and it is keeping me motivated to count my blessings throughout the month as we prepare to say goodbye. So far I have the following::


Setting up Christmas; Nativity Scene; SCARVES!; our tree (so far, just the one ornament)


What is keeping you motivated through the holiday season, friends? I hope you are taking time from the hustle and bustle to appreciate the little things in the season or love and warmth, like todays prompt: JAMMIES!

My various lounge pants. It's how I roll.

How can a Monday be bad when it starts off with such a fun thing? Also, I am working on sprucing up some wreaths today! That should be fun… or frustrating! What is lifting you up today? Share it with your friends and then head on over and share it with Skinnie Piggie!

I think I might make this list a fun yearly thing! How cute will it be to look back through how things change every December? Or, how some things stay the same 🙂 I feel a shutterfly book coming in January, y’all! I wonder if instagram pictures can be used there?!? Stay tuned for my findings!


A Long December… Please!

It is December and I feel like time is running away from us. This weekend we have Hubs’ departments “Christmas Party”. One of the chiefs in the department is retiring, so they are also honoring him and they were going to host it at the Chief’s Club on base. It would have cost $40 per person and the feedback numbers were too low so they are hosting it at a restaurant in one of the local casinos. It will be a change from the command events to just departmental. Such is life in the Hospital, I suppose!

This weekend we are also having a pre-deployment photo shoot. The date is sneaking up on us, friends. I feel like I won’t have enough time with him before he goes. He got a new set of orders, specific to his training. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… part of it is right here at Camp Pendleton, but they are on Lock Down, which means he will be right around the corner and we can’t have dinner or weekends together. I know he will be at training, but it would be easier if he were not right here on base! Word on the streets is they have wi-fi, so we can face time every night! Silver lining? We also have gotten word that there is a “graduation” type ceremony once they get through training that family can go to. Of course I want to be there to help welcome my Sailor to the Army!

Right now he is doing intense training on-line about customs and behaviors to avoid. Things like not giving a thumbs up because it’s offensive. Not accepting cigarettes (which he doesn’t smoke, so no worries there) but never turning down coffee or tea. Different things that can be considered insulting to the people over there.

It’s so much to take in.

We’re trying to enjoy each other right now and the time we have left together. We are booked with exciting things throughout the month to celebrate our first Christmas together as husband and wife! We are planning a pre-deployment get-a-way for a few days, a day trip up to Big Bear, and a night at the ballet to see The Nutcracker (which neither of us have seen live!) so each time I look at my planner, it is increasingly filling up!

For now, I’m off to decorate some more and get excited for our final month together!

Monday Pick Me Up :: Mistletoe and More!

Monday is here again, friends and yes, I have been slightly bumming around the house, listening to Christmas music and mildly decorating as I go. I’m not a “knock it out in a day” type decorator when it comes to Christmas. I’m more of a “this table looks nice, let me kick up my feet” decorator. It will take about a week to get everything where I want it and then I’ll never want to take it down.

Today has been the worst Monday in a long time! I am just kind of “BLAH!” I had no sales in my etsy shop for Black Friday weekend which definitely has me in a damper seeing how I got quite a few items “favorited”. Hubs had to go back to work after spending some great quality time with each other for four straight days. Oh, and the current temperature in Fallbrook is 81*. Yes friends, I have my air-conditioning on!

But, I will not let any of this hold me down. After a quick stop at Lowe’s last night, I have mistletoe and a gaudy wreath to keep me happy!

Poor quality picture, but the sun was blinding coming in through the kitchen windows!

Back home the kids up the street used to sell mistletoe on the side of the road. We won’t be getting that out here, so this cute ball will have to do!

A fun tradition Hubs and I have is adding one gaudy decoration to our Christmas supply every year. We usually do this with raffle tickets from the Ship parties and we spend them on the tackiest, glitteriest ornament we can find on the prize table. This year there will be no such event so we had to track down something gaudy, and friends, we found the most beautiful “gaudy” wreath ever::

Gold, GOLD! Everywhere!

We got it being funny, but the minute I put it on my front door I really fell in love with it. Granted, I am covered in gold glitter as a result, but it really has that “je nais se quoi“! I mean, there are PEARS on it… in glittery GOLD! I’m not a gold person, which is definitely part of my distaste for the wreath… but I find myself walking out front just to look at this wreath. It definitely brings me up out of the dumps!

What is lifting you up, friends? Head on over and join the link-up with Skinnie!


30 Day {Instagram} Photo Challenge :: Day 3, Happiness Is

When I saw the prompt for “Happiness” today, I wondered how I would create a picture exemplifying it. Then it hit me when I was in the kitchen this morning. This is the happiest time of the year! Friends, family, loved ones gathering and sharing in the joys of time together. This Christmas is our first one together as a married couple and that makes it even more special. For me, happiness is::

This means that very soon we will be baking real gingerbread cookies, decorating the house for the holidays, listening to classic Christmas music and enjoying our final days with each other before deployment. We need to make the most of these happy days and when the house smells as amazing as it does now, there’s no way we can’t find happiness!

What is your happiness?

Dinner for …? :: PCS Gems

It was the summer of 2009 when Hubs and I pranced around Bed, Bath & Beyond equipped with the magical scan gun that placed every item we wanted onto our wedding registry! I wish I could link it to you without giving away my personal information, but alas, I can’t. Take my word for it though, it’s a doozy! Apparently I thought we were the Gatsby’s and would be hosting these lavish parties with tons of people. It’s awkward since we’ve been without our HHGs for so long, and married going on two years, to just be getting all of our wedding gifts! We obviously have not been hosting lavish parties and won’t be for the next year. It’s hard to remind myself that one day we just might have to have ten people over for dinner and I will be more than pleased with our 12 place settings of our autumn dishes. Yes, our autumn dishes.

12 dinner plates and 12 salad plates. We only got 4 bowls.

We went a little crazy in the fall of 2009 when we were hosting Thanksgiving in our tiny apartment before we moved away. We got some gorgeous plates at Target… and we liked them so much we went and got 12 dinner plates and 12 salad plates just knowing one day we would have a house full of people for Thanksgiving! I am slightly regretting this decision as I try to find cabinet space for them all! Not only do we have these, but we have our “everyday” plates (which we scaled down and only have a set of 6:: dinner plates and salad plates and only three bowls. I guess I need to finish the set.), we have our Christmas dishes (set of 8:: dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and mugs) we have our budding china set (set of 6 from the 12 we registered for:: dinner plates, salad plates, bowls. We also have 4 pasta bowls from the 12 we registered for and a few serving bowls. Finishing our China set is on my deployment shopping list!) we have “summer” plates (set of 6 smaller salad plates we use for everyday dining on the patio in the summer as well as several various sized platters for the grill).

I think it’s safe to say we know a certain gal who enjoys mixing up her table settings. Am I the only one? I also have Christmas china back at Nan’s house! Where in the world did I think we would be storing all of these place settings? Oh, and don’t get me started on the glasses! That’s a whole new post of its own!

How do you protect your precious dinnerware collection in moves? I wrapped every plate in bubble wrap myself and placed in small boxes and our china was still in the boxes from the store. The next time we move, nothing will be in their boxes! Do you buy those containers to keep your dinnerware in, trust the packers, or do it yourself?

Advent :: How Pinteresting!

As we approach the middle of November and prepare ourselves for the feast of Thanksgiving, I am getting ready to begin traditions with my Husband! We missed our first Christmas as husband and wife and this year I am working really hard to make the most out of the holidays since we get to spend them together! First and foremost we are going to start an Advent tradition!

Pretty Packages!

I found this wandering around on pinterest and have decided we are going to make something similar this year! What a fun weekend project! We are headed to Michaels or Lowe’s today to maybe get a board to paint and decorate! clothespins are an easy find at the Dollar Store and we can paint those with craft glue too! I’m thinking this will be the perfect piece to hang over our fireplace!

We also have set a budget of $100 per person. I wanted to go with $50- that’s $2 a gift on average. Hubs was not at all feeling that challenge and wanted it increased. Fine, on average you get $4 a day for cute little gifts! Every day in december we get to open one and spend a little quality time with each other celebrating. I think the fun part will be shopping for each other and really finding things that speak to each of us. I already have a few thoughts in mind for things I’m going to make him! Sneaky, sneaky!

The most fun will be making these this year, and having them for years to come to celebrate the season! It is also killing me to wait until the 25th of November to place out my Nativity! It was a wedding gift from Nan and we have yet to enjoy it!

I know we’re still celebrating Thanksgiving, but we’re preparing ourselves for Christmas too!

Take The Last Train To… Boot Camp?

This two months of pre-deployment prep are going by too quickly for my liking. The fun part is spending time with Hubs and of course, documenting this separation in our life with an awesome pre-deployment photo shoot! I have been giddy planning this shoot! Oh, and of course running thoughts through my head for one upon his safe return (which of course is going to be in his Army uniform-duh. We think it will be ACUs?)!

Our engagement pictures were jeans and white button downs. We did the Coronado Ferry Landing last deployment with the San Diego skyline in the background. Hubs in his dress uniform and me in a pretty tweed dress (which was actually my homecoming dress from the previous deployment!). We have our awesome beach pictures from this summer. I wanted something different and reflective of the time of year: AUTUMN! Oh, and a little bit of Christmas since we’ll be doing them in early December. We are going to be taking them in an old train station in San Juan Capistrano! Hello amazing architecture!

This morning with the help of some awesome facebookers I worked my way through our thoughts (argyle sweaters, bright funky colors, peacock accessories, flannel and cowboy boots, among others). I ultimately decided on my go to black dress for me with a red three-quarters length sleeve sweater and some amazing shoes I bought about 4 years ago and just unpacked from our HHGs. I’m thinking gray dress pants for hubs with a black or gray shirt… (or perhaps his really pretty purple one?) with or without tie.

I was at the thrift store today arranging a pick up of some of our old furniture when I saw the most adorable accessory across the room::

Only $3!!!

A lady bug found me taking pictures and definitely gave it her seal of approval! Eeeek! I am so excited! Even more exciting is since we’ll be doing them in early December, we will definitely be doing this to send out with our Christmas cards! The hunt now begins for candy canes that big!

Going out in our Christmas cards! Except... of us!

I can’t wait to have the shoot and show you some of the pictures!