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A Trip To The Vet with my Baby Bosco

Since last week, there has been little change in Bosco, and in fact he has gotten a little worse. He got a hold of my hand pretty badly over the weekend and caused quite the welt to form. It was with a heavy heart but hopeful disposition I took him into the Vet this morning.

My handsome boy!

He was excited to be going for a ride with his momma all by himself and I was so nervous, but he was great… until he proceeded to defecate all over the exam room! My boy is getting big weighing in at a whole 18 pounds! We went through the usual deets about how he doesn’t like his ears touched and I told the tech how he was getting increasingly aggressive over the last month or so. Yada, yada… you know the story.

The Vet took Bosco away from me and the exam room and took him into the back thinking it was mostly protective aggression and she was completely right. He was fine once I was a distant memory in his little doggie mind! They were even able to trim his nails… ALL OF THEM! It’s been forever since we’ve had someone able to get all of them in one sitting!

The diagnosis is that he’s a chihuahua who loves his momma but doesn’t know how to show it. We need to have Hubs feed them, and feed them all in separate spaces. We need to have separate toy area for the boys or no toys at all. We also can’t give them snacks where Bosco can see the others getting them, even if he is getting some too! We are also starting him on a low dose of puppy prozac to see if it helps, which I am hoping beyond hope it will!

Thank you all for your puppy prayers! We are trying our best to make our home his comfortable haven and create a less anxios environment for him! Hopefully we will have great success! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!


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