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As we approach the middle of November and prepare ourselves for the feast of Thanksgiving, I am getting ready to begin traditions with my Husband! We missed our first Christmas as husband and wife and this year I am working really hard to make the most out of the holidays since we get to spend them together! First and foremost we are going to start an Advent tradition!

Pretty Packages!

I found this wandering around on pinterest and have decided we are going to make something similar this year! What a fun weekend project! We are headed to Michaels or Lowe’s today to maybe get a board to paint and decorate! clothespins are an easy find at the Dollar Store and we can paint those with craft glue too! I’m thinking this will be the perfect piece to hang over our fireplace!

We also have set a budget of $100 per person. I wanted to go with $50- that’s $2 a gift on average. Hubs was not at all feeling that challenge and wanted it increased. Fine, on average you get $4 a day for cute little gifts! Every day in december we get to open one and spend a little quality time with each other celebrating. I think the fun part will be shopping for each other and really finding things that speak to each of us. I already have a few thoughts in mind for things I’m going to make him! Sneaky, sneaky!

The most fun will be making these this year, and having them for years to come to celebrate the season! It is also killing me to wait until the 25th of November to place out my Nativity! It was a wedding gift from Nan and we have yet to enjoy it!

I know we’re still celebrating Thanksgiving, but we’re preparing ourselves for Christmas too!

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  1. I love that idea! I really want a nice Christmas this year and all those little things like that add up and make it a truly magical season.

  2. We’re celebrating somewhere between Nov 26th & 30th… so, I’m not sure when I should decorate. I’m not actually putting up our tree or the majority of the decorations, but I am planning on stockings, mini-tree, and the nativity.

  3. I love this advent calendar!! I may have to copy it!! It’s beautiful, but I’m not all that crafty!! I was just thinking that we needed one, though Alexis won’t know much about it this year but I too would like to start some traditions for our little family!

    I’m so excited for you!!!!

  4. Such a cute idea!! Love it 🙂

  5. What a great idea. It’s mine and my husband’s first married Christmas this year, so I’m probably now going to be stalking you for inspiration!

  6. Oooooh! My aunt used to make advent calendars for my sister and I. My favorite thing EVER! I’ve tried convincing her that I’m not too old for one still…but I don’t think she believes me. 🙂


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