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A Cake Topper and My Wedding Shelf :: PCS Gems

When the movers came to deliver our HHGs I just had them drop things in the living room, since we have a big open space in front of our fireplace. They stacked a big box (I think it was a crock pot or something) , then a little box… then a pretty big box (one of those tiered serving dishes). I stood there and my heart broke. I said in the most monotone voice I had ever used: “I think that small box is my cake topper.” The poor guy who was moving things stopped and asked what a cake topper was. I told him the bride and groom that sit on top of wedding cakes, and in this instance a hand blown glass sculpture.

I know it would be broken since the hateful packers we had left it in the box I put it in after the wedding. I figured they would at least put it in a larger box! I mean, we’re talking a cake topper… the box wasn’t that big!

I sat the box on one of our shelves and have been staring at it for days. I couldn’t find the courage inside of myself to open it just yet. I know things will break when we move. I know it is inevitable. We got married and two weeks later my husband deployed. We’ve been without our household goods and I have been unable to appreciate any of the gorgeous things we had from our wedding. I didn’t know if I could handle something so symbolic being broken.

This morning I faced my fears head on and I opened the box. It was breath-taking and gorgeous… and in one piece! I was able to set up my “wedding” shelf!

The most gorgeous thing I own!

On the shelf with it I also have our unity candle holder with the big candle right now, I have to get the smaller candles out, and our champagne flutes. It is gorgeous to sit here and look at it, and it will only get better! I have about five frames I need to get pictures printed up for and can’t wait to have it be complete. Got now, I’m just happy the cake topper made it through this PCS.

The unity candle holder on the other hand has been in the box for two years, and could use a good cleaning! I just need to find some polish and it should look brand new!


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  1. Wow!! That is stunning!!!! I am SO glad that it is in one piece!! I have a few items I don’t let the packers take, I’d be so upset if they broke them. I had a wedding shelf too, until our crazy german shepherd’s tail knocked the toasting flutes to the ground 🙂

  2. Wow! That really is gorgeous! How exciting that made it all in one piece, and I love that it’s with your unity candle. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I think we left our cake topper at our venue, but I didn’t realize it until about a year after our wedding. I LOVED it, too. I”m seriously considering buying it again.

  3. I’m so glad it wasn’t broken… I was too chicken to l them pack ours, I took it on my carry-on luggage, haha!

  4. Yea!! 🙂 That’s awesome.

  5. Oh my goodness. That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Do you mind sending me a picture of it?

  6. That’s an awesome cake topper!! Glad it arrived safely for you both to enjoy.


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