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Two Years Later :: Happy Anniversary, Love

Most wedding anniversaries are romantic and celebrated as such. Not for Hubs and I! We celebrate two very special “wedding” days. Today is the day written on our wedding certificate and the day we said “I do”! We even have matching skull and cross-bones rings we gave to each other that day.

So we are having a romantic dinner tonight, right? If I’m completely honest it will be the most romantic dinner of the year! Two years ago after being wed by our chaplain we were preparing for trick-or-treaters. Nan and I were getting candy together and setting up outside while Hubs went to get us dinner. He came back with three Chicken McNugget meals. One for me, one for Nan, and one for himself. We decided right then and there that every year as we celebrate our love we would celebrate over McNuggets! Last year we celebrated with a candlelight dinner and our nugs. This year, there will be no candlelight, but there will definitely be two McNugget meals and we’ll “cheers” with out Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider in champagne flutes.

It is one of the most special days every year. We have been blessed to celebrate our first and now our second anniversary together. We are also getting the best anniversary gift ever this year:: our car and household goods will be delivered today! The dogs will hate me as they will have some kennel time while the doors are open and the movers come and go, and I’m sure they’ll hate all the boxes all over their house, but I couldn’t be happier! I know there will be something crazy, like we’ll have three crock-pots or something, but I’m so excited to get everything again!

The last two years have been quite the ride, but I could not imagine myself married to anyone else!

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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It’s traditions like the nugget meal that make it special 🙂

  2. Have an awesome day! 🙂

  3. Aw Happy Anniversary!!! Your tradition is cure!!! Hope you have a terrific anniversary!

  4. Awe, that’s sweet. DH and I have never celebrated out ‘on paper’ day, just the wedding day. I believe I will now demand a special day for both! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary! 🙂 That’s a cute tradition!


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