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I Voted Memorabilia :: PCS Goodies

Most of you know we have been without our household goods for 22 months. They were delivered to us on Monday (Halloween). It was such an overwhelming experience, and we decided to tackle boxes right away to get our house back in order as soon as possible. I decided to use this as an opportunity to really look at our things and purge! We had a box set up for things to donate and there was an endless amount of things going into the garbage. If we haven’t needed it for almost two years, perhaps someone who needs it can use it more than us!

We were going through several Rubbermaid boxes with things from our past and man were there some ghosts! I hadn’t gone through some of these containers since I moved in with Hubs back in the summer of 2008!

Some of the very awesome things we did find were an “I voted” sticker! How cool will that be to show future generations? My very first Presidential election was in 2004 and the only memorabilia I could find was a Kerry/Edwards button. I tucked it in my memory box and had all but forgotten about it.

The coolest thing right now that I have would have to be a little “Congratulations” card we used to use at Freemason Abbey Restaurant, where I worked as a server and hostess back in college. One day back in 2007 the Governor of Texas was in town for something and came with his posse of people to eat. We set a space aside for him in the upstairs dining room and watched as his secret service people talked on their ear pieces. I was Hostess that day and as he left I asked him for his autograph. Regardless as to my political party affiliation or political views, I think it’s pretty awesome that four years later he is trying to be a Presidential Candidate. Thank you, Mr. Perry, for this awesome piece of memorabilia!

It's Legit, y'all!


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