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The Pumpkin Patch :: 2011

Our Radio Flyer filled with out Autumnal goodies!

This weekend Hubs and I headed out on a pumpkin hunt! We learned the recipe for a delicious pumpkin and pork stew at a recent Williams-Sonoma class and I needed some pumpkin to make it! [You can look for the full report Saturday 10.29.2011!] I was also itching to take part in my favorite autumn tradition of heading to the pumpkin patch! Since moving to Southern California I have realized the east coast spoiled me in many ways. We grew up going to tree farms and cutting down our Christmas trees just like every year we went to an actual farm and picked out our pumpkins. Out here in SoCal, I have found most “pumpkin patches” are in parking lots or grocery stores (the HORROR!) so I was pleased enough when we found one off the side of the road in neither!

Hay bales with pumpkins and a curious cat to boot!

There is something about pumpkin patches: the smell, the ambiance, the chill in the air… oh, wait. It was pleasantly in the 70’s as we made our way through the pumpkins looking for the perfect ones. The smell was mostly of the hay, but they surely got the ambiance down! The even had cupcakes and caramel apples for sale, as well as cider – although there was more a need for ice than for it to be warm! The best part of autumn decorating is you can get so many wonderful things, for a pretty decent price right at your pumpkin patch!

It's like the big pumpkins had baby pumpkins!

Baby pumpkins are just about my favorite thing! They are inexpensive and can be placed all throughout your home to bring Autumn into it! We picked some out to place on our mantle to get us through the Thanksgiving season! Oh, and baby pumpkins aren’t the only great thing to be found at the patch! We also got some gourds!

Gorgeous Gourds!

I just picked up a few to put in our cornucopia, but at the price you could very easily pick up several to place in decorative bowls on a coffee table, book-case, or to use as a centerpiece on your table! We also, of course, picked out small pumpkins for our stew and the hunt began for our big boys!

There were rows and rows of pumpkins lined for you to take a look at and pick your favorite. The pumpkin has to speak to you! We looked for about a half hour before we decided on the perfect ones to bring home and make a part of our autumn decor.

Big Boy number one!

Hubs picked out this good lookin’ fella’ and we took him to our wagon! The hunt for his perfect counterpart was a little more difficult, but we finally found him:

Big Boy number two!

I assure you this is not how we would have normally dressed to head to the pumpkin patch, but we thought we were heading to a nice restaurant for their champagne brunch buffet… it was a champagne lunch (which was delicious) but an hour after we were expecting! We filled our time picking pumpkins!

With our big fella’s, our stew pumpkins and our decorations, we were ready to call it a day! We came home with quite the brood! Poor Jonesie does not like the big boys, and we had to immediately move them to the outside from inside… any tips from “scaredy cat-dog” owners? We tried introducing him to the pumpkins and everything… no dice!

Can you believe Halloween is this coming weekend? The season seems to be moving too fastly and getting away from us, even with our wonderful trip back home for some great autumn weather! Have you been to your pumpkin patch? I plan on enjoying our goodies for quite some time to come, and might pick up another little one for more stew to freeze!


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  1. Fun! I love pumpkin patches. We have one in our area that is just AWESOME!!! They have lots of fun things for kids to do including huge slides, a corn box (basically a 15′ by 10′ box filled with corn kernels instead of sand), and a corn maze. So fun! I love living on the East Coast!

  2. I’ve never actually been to a “real” pumpkin farm (even living 3 years in VA)–all of them have been church parking lots or whatever. Same for Christmas trees, but that will hopefully be remedied this year since a U-Cut farm is literally across the street. My husband made fun of me for taking half an hour to find my pumpkin last year, so I’m glad to hear that is totally normal! He’s never actually carved one himself, and I couldn’t convince him to get a second one and try it this year either. Sigh. Be thankful you’ve got a man who is in to seasonal fun stuff!

  3. That is one thing I HATED about living in Vegas, pumpkin patches in grocery store parking lots, Christmas trees in casino parking lots, carnivals in strip mall parking lots. Makes me shiver. I was pleasantly surprised that in Hawaii, although there is only ONE place to get pumpkins, it’s actually out on a farm where they grow the pumpkins. I was impressed.

  4. How fun! we aren’t carving any this year… we had a mold issue with them last year and its way more humid here than it was in MD. I did pick up little cuties, I may even make a real homemade pumpkin pie! (…maybe…)

  5. Love the pictures! I totally agree- no parking lots-gross! Pumpkin patches are awesome. 🙂

  6. aww Looks like you had a great time and found perfect pumpkins!! Can’t wait to see them carved up 🙂 We ended up getting one big pumpkin at the Cider Mill we visited and will carve up a watermelon (we call them merf-a-lanterns) as well. Should be fun 🙂


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