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Not The Best Birthday Gift…

I write this to you all tonight, asking for your prayers, dear friends.

As we sat down for my birthday dinner (um, delicious Cheesesteak sandwiches!) Hubs’ phone dinged letting him now he had a voicemail. It was his boss. We went and got my phone which has much better reception than his. My first thought was that we’d be heading over to NOB and getting him on a MAC flight back home, two days into our trip. I was wrong.

As Hubs began telling his boss about his credentials and qualifications I thought nothing of it and walked into the house. I told Nan it was nothing- they just wanted to know when he met certain quals. NBD, right?

It was a mere moments later that Hubs was inside saying they wanted to deploy him IA (Individual Augmentee). He didn’t know where, he didn’t know when, he didn’t know for how long. That is the downside to working in the hospital: there is always a civilian who can step up and fill your shoes should a position need filled elsewhere in the world.

Happy Birthday.

We sat on the east coast waiting for the phone call we were hoping for: that his Boss was able to get his name out of the running. It was, after all, for a qualification he does not use on a daily basis or in his job, ever! Just something he did years ago when he was hoping for an internship.

Our time passed away in Norfolk and I anxiously waited on pins and needles just waiting for that call: the one telling us to get Hubs to the airport. The call never came.

Last night at the Navy Ball, we were standing during the cocktail hour talking with Hubs’ boss and his wife. Casual conversation. The XO and his wife came over and joined us in casual conversation. Nothing heavy, nothing work related. The CO joined in the conversation and the rest is kind of a blur. He pretty much said “How ’bout them apples, shipmate? So sorry!” I’m sorry, what? My heart sank.

The CO just as quickly left to make his rounds and we were left with Hubs’ boss. We asked for the all important deets, but all he knew was A-Stan. We don’t know when, or for how long. All I could say was a light-hearted “I hear it’s nice this time of year… Dessert Camo will definitely accentuate your features.”

As a military spouse I signed up to serve my country by supporting my husband in all of his career endeavors. A husband who was pretty much never going to deploy and would most likely always work in hospitals. A husband who signed up to serve his country in such a capacity. I recognize when one signs up to serve their country, they go where their country needs them. Right now, our country could use him in a very scary capacity for us. The limbo is what I hate. Hubs is not set to deploy as of right now, but his name is on a list… a list his superior officers could not prevent him from being on. Waiting to hear if he will deploy is one of the worst experiences in our relationship and my time as a military spouse.

Please pray for us, for answers (whatever the decision may be) and should the decision be to deploy, for strength for us both!


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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. Oh no. I know you guys weren’t expecting another deployment! I think this time of waiting to find out if/when it will happen is going to be so hard. Remember that we’re all here for you! I’ll be praying.

  2. I’m sorry that he’s on the list. Sorry you had to find out that way too. Enjoy each day with one hand and be prepared with the other. *hugs*

  3. So sorry to hear about this …. 😦 you guys will be in our prayers for sure. Hugs from Alaska!

  4. I remember being in that limbo… it makes planning anything so hard to do!

  5. That is such a damper on your vacation/birthday. I’m so sorry. Deployments suck, I would never wish this on anyone in the world. I certainly hope he doesn’t go. Ya’ll are in my prayers.

  6. The not knowing is always the hardest for me, once you have “facts” you can start to process and begin moving in the right direction Until then, live in the moment, live for right now this second because that is all we are guaranteed right? I am going to pray things work out the way the are supposed too. Hope you were able to enjoy your ball a little bit.

  7. I hate this for you! We’re going through almost the exact same thing. My husband got a call on Wednesday out of the blue to tell him that he’s deploying to the big A. It’s a small handpicked group that’s going, and everyone he works with has been calling to congratulate him. Um, thanks? It’s an honor he would rather not have.

  8. Lots of prayers and hugs. (What a yucky way to find out, too!)

  9. I can’t imagine what that’s like. I’m so sorry that you’re in limbo and I will say a prayer for you guys…

  10. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine how hard being apart like that would be! I will be praying that you get answers soon!


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