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Spreadin’ Some Etsy Lovin’ :: Toaster’s Transformations!

Hello friends! I am coming to you today with another awesome shop I have discovered over on Etsy! Not only is it a great shop, but the owner, Amanda, is a beautiful woman who I’ve gotten to know over the last few weeks! She is a fellow ETSYpreneur and owns the shop:

I have fallen in love with her shop, her blog, and her faith! I have asked her a few questions as a little spotlight and would love to share her beauty with you! Head on over to her shop afterwards and check out her beautiful creations! (Pssst… there might even be a coupon code for my lovely readers! You’ll have to read through and see!)

Tell us a little about yourself, Amanda:

Hello there Young Retiree Readers! My name is Amanda, but when I got to college I received the nickname Toaster.  I hated it at first and fought it with my very being however, it stuck.  Then I learned to embrace it.  And that’s why my Etsy Shop is Toaster’s Transformations.   I’m a 25-year-old disciple of Jesus, wife, and soon to be momma.  (Is it January yet? Can’t wait to snuggle our little one.)  I opened up my shop Toaster’s Transformations in June and it’s been quite the adventure!

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created?

I can’t really pick a favorite item that I’ve created, but I think the most satisfying items for me have been all of the upcycled sweater creations, whether it be purses or coupon holders, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making those items.  I love transforming something unwanted into something new!

What is your inspiration to create?

My inspiration comes often from the thrift store.  Yup, the thrift store.  I love going to Salvation Army and looking at all the beautiful sweaters just waiting to be turned into new items! 

What is the best part of being an ETSYpreneur?

My favorite part of owning my Etsy shop is getting involved in the handmade community.  There have been a few people who are just super encouraging and that I’ve developed friendships with.  It’s been such a blessing. 

How did you decide to create things by upcycling?

Upcycling for me was an easy choice.  Right now my husband and I both do not have full-time jobs, so if I wanted to create crafts it was going to have to be with things I’ve had on hand.  More importantly than that though, is that God has called us to be stewards of this earth.  I couldn’t see myself going out and spending money on brand new fabric when there are so many beautiful things out there right now just waiting to be transformed into something new.   Old sweaters, vintage sheets, scraps of fabric, old t-shirts, when I look at them, I start to think, ok, how can I transform this into something beautiful.  I’m so glad I’ve made this choice as it’s been very rewarding to me.
I’m also inspired by God’s creation.  He is the best artist EVER.  I love all of the colors he’s created and my plumeria line is inspired by those beautiful tropical flowers.

Amanda is a beautiful soul and creates amazing things! What is even more fantastic is that she can make things with your stuff! How awesome would that argyle sweater be if it could be transformed into a tote for the Farmer’s Market? Since being home I know I have been scouting my old closet for some good finds for Amanda to transform!

If you head over to her shop she is giving you a 20% off coupon code:: Youngretiree20!

****FROM OCTOBER 15th – DECEMBER 15th 10% OF ALL SALES WILL BE DONATED TO PROJECT HOPE. Project Hope is meant to reach out to and minister to other moms in the moments of their greatest loss. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PROJECT HOPE PLEASE VISIT here!****

You can visit her shop Toaster’s Transformations or her blog: And They Will Become One Flesh!

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  1. She’s got some great stuff!


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