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Get On You Bad Motor Scooter, And Ride!

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Any where I go around Fallbrook it seems I see motor scooters. Yesterday afternoon Hubs and I were talking and I mentioned getting a scooter instead of another car. We have had one vehicle since moving to California and it works for us… most of the time. It would be nice to just whip over to the post office, or buzz over to the grocery store to get something I need for dinner without having to call and ask Hubs to stop on his way home. Something to just cruise around town in… er, on.

This prompted our research for VESPAS! Of course, Hubs researched to the point of knowing when the first one was created, when they begun being sold in the States, and where the first dealership was. I just started thinking of the suh-weet goggles I would ride around wearing, with a cute little helmet and my cape. Oh yes, CAPE! Well, I suppose I’m kidding about the cape, but man, what I wouldn’t give to drive around with one on!

All I need is one that goes at least 45mph so I can ride on Base and head over to the MCX. That’s the furthest I think I would go on one.

We headed into Riverside this morning to check out a Motorsports shop. I have fallen in love y’all!

This is one bad motor scooter!

Oh, and she can go as fast as 80mph! We did not come home with a Vespa today… we are going to price shop while in Norfolk since the tax and registration would be so much cheaper! We can just have the movers move it to California with our HHGs! If they will move it, that is! So, we are going to check with the moving company and then check with a dealer out in Virginia! If not, I think I’ll be getting this beauty under the Christmas tree this year, if not before!

Of course, you have to practice safety:

Safety First, kids!

Let me tell you: I have never been more excited for anything in my life! I am ready to have it, yesterday, y’all! Oh, and of course since the visor is for daytime, I get to have these sweet goggles for night operations:

Night time goggles

I need Victoria the Vespa in my life! The pink is limited edition so we have to act quicker than we want and may not get her… If not I think I’ll go with Ruby, the red one! Either way, she will be pretty, shiny, and all mine!


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  1. Oh no, you MUST go with the pink! Make sure it goes fast enough so you can register it 😉

  2. That scooter is freakin’ sweet!

  3. HAHA hilarious! I love the pink one!

  4. Ooo…LOVE the pink one!! I knew this couple that bought matching scooters and they fell in love with them. They saved so much money on gas and they said parking was a breeze (I think they were able to park by the bike racks? Something like that…). I can’t wait until you get one, because it’s just a crime for you to look so super awesome in all of the equipment and not have one!

  5. my brother has a Vespa (FYI: they are actually cool in Europe) and honestly he loves it. its small enough that it fits in some tiny parking spots in Madrid and that he can wear his suit (unless the weather doesn’t cooperate) and not get a wrinkle. also, can’t beat gas prices!

    ps. you should totally get the pink one 🙂

  6. LOVE this post! You sure make me smile, awesome pictures! Pink is da bomb 🙂

  7. That is so cute! What a great idea! In the summer and when Frank doesn’t need the truck to haul around all his gear, he takes the motorcycle to work. It saves SO much money in gas!

  8. I forgot what I really wanted to say, TMO will move it. We have a HUGE motorcycle compared to the Vespa and they would move it, but Frank is paranoid and doesn’t want them to. They are moving our HUGE 4-Wheeler, though, so you should have no problem having them move it.

  9. Yup, they’ll move it for you! They moved my husband’s motorcycle in our HHG and I plan on getting a Vespa (or some sort of scooter) out here next spring! Go for it 🙂

  10. I have a white GTS 250 Supaaa 🙂 I love it… but. I can’t drive it right now. If you get one make sure you never lose the keys… $900 later…


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