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Octoberfest :: The “Fest” for my Favorite Month!

I’m not talking about the traditional German beer festival,  “Oktoberfest”… I’m talking about my favorite month of the year. It’s so my favorite that I’m tempted to type “most favorite”, but will refrain! We all know Autumn began last week, but growing up in New England, Autumn really hit around October. Our Indian Summers were coming to an end and the days began to get cooler. There was a crispness in the air and you could just smell fall. Dead leaves and burnt sunsets coloring your world the most beautiful shades of red fading to orange.

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It is the perfect time to break out those flannel shirts, not quite sweater weather, but you can feel it coming.

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Beyond this there are so many reasons I love October. The major one being: I’m an October baby [Libra] and we pretty much rock! Not only do we celebrate my birthday, but Hubs and I have a few other very special celebrations during the month! Do you celebrate Sweetest Day? We do! This is Hubs second marriage. In (what I find to be) the most awkward and cliché rituals of all time, he and his first wife were wed on Valentine’s day, forever kind of tainting it. As a result, we celebrate it, but it feels kind of awkward. We decided we would make Sweetest Day our “celebration of love” day!

Growing up Halloween was my favorite holiday! It’s so magical! Witches, ghosts, zombies and monsters! In New England, this is when things really “Fall” into place. There was always a dampness that would require some cider to warm you up. It was always a drizzly night with layers under our costumes and inevitable our brown grocery bag trick-or-treat bags breaking. Eventually we made the switch to pillow cases!

Now, I love Halloween because I get to celebrate the day my husband and I vowed our love to each other!

Warm apple cider, pumpkin patches, hay rides and caramel apples!

Scarves, flannel, boots, and hoodies!

Camp fires, blankets, a thermos and s’mores! 

Oh, October – you bring the best with you and I can’t wait! This year October is going to be fabulous as we will be travelling home to Virginia, having a Thanksgiving dinner while there and celebrating my birthday with family! I’ve never been more excited for my favorite 31 days to roll in – so goodnight, September. HELLO OCTOBER!

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  1. Did I know you grew up in New England? Where? I miss Boston SO much! I reallyyyyy miss the smells and colors of fall!

  2. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! You are a doll! I LOVE October as well! The air just smells good in October 🙂 I think it’s so cute that you and your hubby celebrate Sweetest Day!! Too cute!

  3. My husband and dad are Oct babies too 🙂 And my husband and I got married on Halloween as well 🙂 We love this month!
    Sounds like your trip home is going to be amazing!


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