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The Little Things Like Muffins and Mixers!

This week was a hard week for me and it was very easy to lose sight of those little things in life that are blessings. The biggest blessing has been my Hubs, and the fact that he has not kicked me out of the house! My hormones and medication have not been kind to me at all and it has been a very trying week for him. I have focused on my jobs this week though: trying to be a better wife and creating products for my shop. I had my second customer (a custom order for 40 favor tags!) and ordered my first ad space (Over on To Make Love Stay) so check her awesome blog out and look for my ad next month! 

Onto those little things that did shine through this week though. Last weekend we had blueberry muffins for breakfast. They were not from scratch, they were in fact a mix that I only had to add water to, but they were the best muffins I’ve ever had. Maybe it was the shiny wrappers (hey, it was all we had!)

Do you know the muffin man?

We also made Reubens for dinner last weekend (which were delicious the second time we tried them!) and since we had the bread I made us grilled cheese for lunch! Jewish Rye bread is my favorite bread! We hadn’t had grilled cheese sandwiches in I could not tell you how long (for me, easily 5 years!) and they were so good!

Most delicious lunch ever.

We completely forgot about our nephews birthday this week! Well, I didn’t even know when it was, and I’ve asked my sister-in-law a few times when everyone’s birthday was, to keep track, but she never tells me. Luckily, we’re friends on Facebook, and so when she posted it was his birthday Sunday, I grabbed this cute card from my shop and sent it off! Later in the day she posted a picture of his cake and it had red, orange and yellow balloons on it! Worked out pretty great, except late. We still have not heard from her letting us know he got it. I love in-laws.

Perfect to have on hand!

The final little things that made my week was the three-day process of making pizza! Did you catch that story? I was able to use my Artisan mixer for the first time (the first time we tried, the second time I used my hands.)

I'm in love!

Oh, and I suppose you want to see the pizza:

Homemade white pizza with artichoke pizza sauce. DELISH!

OH! Sugar cookies! We can’t forget sugar cookies! (remember the kind of week I’m having?) I have requested Hubs to stop and get sugar cookies everyday this week. Our local grocery store is in the process of undergoing a make-over and they finally added fresh cookies to their bakery. BEST.COOKIES.EVER.EVER.EVER. Oh, best husband ever too, EVER.EVER.EVER:

I love the man who stops after a ridiculously long day at work to get every sugar cookie in the bakery... all 5.

As always I’m linking up with Lindsay and if you’re hopping over from there you may think I’m familiar to you. I was posting this on my faith blog, and that is something else this week that has been a blessing. God has come into my life and let me know my “regular” blog is my faith blog. There is no reason to hide my faith or cater to the readership here. I am on a journey of discovering myself and my relationship with Him and it is changing who I am for the better. You won’t be seeing Seek Ye First anymore, you’ll be catching me here, and everything that makes me who I am!

To my regular readers, I hope this new change doesn’t make you feel alienated. I know I don’t normally blog about my relationship with the Lord, but it is something I am focusing on more in my life, and for sure will make its way into my blog.

What little things happened this week for you to make you smile, friends? If you’re looking for previous posts, they are all under the category “The Little Things” and have been imported over here. For my fellow hoppers, have a joyous and blessed week and let’s always remember the little things!

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  1. So glad you included your faith blog over here! I kept meaning to follow it, but always ended up forgetting! It’s so much easier to keep track of all of you in one place. 🙂 I’m also SUPER happy that you’re strengthening your relationship with the Lord!

    This has been one of those weeks for me, too. Mine has been vision craziness (that post is scheduled for tomorrow morning…lol), not hormonal, but I’ve had Daniel bring home dinner every night this week because I just haven’t felt like myself! I can’t even remember the last time we’ve eaten out so much in a row! I have definitely been slacking!

  2. You just made me hungry. Please come make me some pizza! Looks so delicious!!!

  3. Ok just saying… I love these mixers, I want one, in Orange, or Pistachio. Just saying, if it grows legs, it might be at my house…

  4. Mmmmm that pizza does look delish!!!!! Love that mixer.. I don’t use mine as often as I should!! Everyone needs a Kitchen-Aid mixer in their kitchen!!

  5. ok now i am totally hungry and it’s time for bed!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I didn’t drink coffee until my husband, but I love it!

    I love pizza and sugar cookies! Such good things!

  7. Love the red mixer. I have a boring white one. AND its in storage, so I don’t even get to use it right now. Oh, and I think already mentioned it…but that pizza looks nummy!!

  8. I’m loving this little things post 🙂 so naturally I did one myself!

    I am SO JEALOUS of your kitchen aid! I can’t wait until I get all settled and domesticated because that’s the FIRST thing I’m going to buy! Haha

    I’m glad you managed to find the blessings in a hard week. I had a few moments like that these past couple days!

  9. I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer Crush! I really need one 🙂

  10. This post is delicious! I also love that you are merging your blogs. Your reasons make perfect sense and I know I look forward to your posts! I also really want one of those mixers… mmm pretty cherry red!

  11. My stomach is making all kinds of noises….thanks for making me hungry!

  12. Mmm, all of your food looks great! I’ve wanted a kitchen aid foreverrr. Maybe someday.

  13. Call me next time you’re making blueberry muffins!! And homemade pizza! Everything looks delish!!!!

    Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!

  14. Oh, I had my ‘monthly visitor’ this week so I was totally out of my mind crazy & unstable. I, too, am glad hubby did not kick me out of the house. Anyway, that pizza looks lovely! I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I actually use it mostly for making cookies, and I make my pizza dough in the bread maker.

  15. I always look forward to your little things, and I’m so looking forward to reading more about your faith!

  16. I love my orange Kitchen Aid mixer but now I am crushing on your red one, lol And that artichoke pizza sauce sounds amazing!


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