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Pizza : THREE days in the making!

It was two weeks ago Hubs and I headed up tp Williams-Sonoma for our weekly Sunday Morning Date. They offer “free” cooking classes every Sunday! Two weeks ago was PIZZA MAKING! Um, hello? Does it get cooler than that? We learned how to make pizza dough from scratch! As beginners we bought a box of mix there. Of course we also got a pizza stone and one of those wooden pizza spatula things you see them use in Italian restaurants! We’re completely legit, right?

WRONG. We picked up the ingredients for Margherita pizza (fresh mozzarella, basil, and we already had these whole Roma tomatoes from WS). Monday night we decided to try to make some dough! The box said it would only take 30-60 minutes to proof. We waited until hubs was home and got working on it.

Needless to say: We had Jack in the Box for dinner. 

The dough kind of proofed over the course of the next few hours, so we thought we would save it and make it for dinner Tuesday night.

Needless to say: We had La Caseta (the awesome Mexican Restaurant here in town where they know our order when we walk in) for dinner.

Yesterday I was bound and determined to have homemade pizza for dinner.

Ignore the mess that is our recyclables and my bare feet and focus on that amazing pizza!

First up was our Margherita pizza We were so pleased with how it came out! Next in the over went a White Pizza:


Into the oven!


Over the course of the three days, we had some very interesting pictures and I can’t seem to narrow it down from the 40 I narrowed it down to! I will leave you with this final one:

"Chow", Bella!

Handmade pizza dough, artichoke garlic pizza sauce, fresh and shredded mozzarella and basil. Oh man, it was good 😀 Why did it take three days for us to have this delicious dinner? The first night I added too much water by simply not paying attention. That happens when you cook with the person you love and have a blast in the kitchen. As a result, we added one of those glass measuring cups to our list for this weekends class!

On the menu tonight is the ever fancy: Sloppy Joe’s (with what better be the best sauce of our lives) and tater tots! YUM! This weekend for brunch: EBELSKIVERS! Yep, we got the pan, mix and some blueberry filling last weekend after class. Hubs fell in love with the pictures. Let’s hope it doesn’t take three days to make them too!

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  1. SOOO fun. Love it. I have been wanting to try TRUE homemade pizza. Will need to make sure not to be distracted by my man. Many thanks for an entertaining post.

  2. YUM!! Your pizza looks amazing! Homemade pizza is incredible enough, but homemade WHITE pizza?! Heavenly…

    I can’t wait to hear how the ebelskivers come out. A lot of people I know have bought the pan and I’ve seen plenty of pictures of them, but I haven’t heard of anybody who has described the taste (or how hard/easy it actually is to make them)!

  3. oh man i love ebelskivers! so handy for when people come over unexpectedly! you just mix some pancake mix, and you can literally add anything to them. Last week we made them with cream cheese salmon and dill! they have a cookbook at williams-sonoma with so many different recipes. so good!


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