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Pretty Packages {Much Love, Illy}!

I have been eyeing a cute little shop on Etsy for quite some time now, and finally took the leap and made my first purchase (of what I am sure will be many!) las week. If you have ever been on Etsy, you know the dangers of impulse buys because there are so many beautiful things just floating around freely (or costly as the case may sometimes be) at your fingertips. When I first bounced upon Much Love, Illy I was instantly smitten at her delicate earrings and gorgeous headbands!

I was hesitant to get a headband because I’m just not cool enough to pull one off on my big old head! You see girls who are hip and chic wearing them and I’m… not! However, I saw one I could not resist and added it to my cart. I also LOVE the colors of her little rose earrings and added a few pairs to my cart as well.

Let me tell you- I was so excited when I got the package in the mail! Everything was so cutely wrapped up:

This was the super cute headband, which was in a little bag for safe keeping, then wrapped in pink tissue paper with some bakers twine and her precious little card! Are you in as much love as I am?

I ordered three pairs of earrings from her shop and she tucked them delicately inside of a little box. It was a delight to open it up and see them nestled inside! The colors on my computer just don’t do them justice! As a Halloween bride you know I ordered her “meet me under a full moon – black rosebud” ones! I immediately put them in and fell in love! I also got the “pacific ocean turquoise rosebud” ones and the “a kiss of blush – light coral” ones. I was blown away by the brightness of them both! They are perfect for SoCal and will always remind me of summertime! Ilene (aka: Illy) also writes these adorable little poems for each piece in her shop- I loved reading through them all!

You want to see me looking all silly in the headband I got… don’t you? Well, I like to give the people what they want, so here ya go:

{Webcam Quality} I've been told to place it a little further back and turn the flowers closer to my ear. I will master this headband!

Are there any Etsy shops you are just in love with? Go ahead and feed my shopaholic tendencies, please! I bought another set of earrings the same dat {I told you, shopaholic!} and can’t wait to share them with you as well. Do you have an Etsy shop that you would like showcased in my “Etsy Loving!” Pretty Packages series? Drop me a line and let me know!


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  1. Love it – I wish more people and companies would invest in better wrapping – it makes all the difference!


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