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Fit and “Flab-u-Less” Week In Review | Week Eight

Wowzers! So yesterday was crazy busy with our cooking class, a nice lunch date and my shop! This means I bring you my embarrassing week in review a day late. Y’all… this week was horrific! I thought I was doing well, but there was so much running going on with the vet and Jonesie and shopping and that one day where I was awake for like 40 hours. I went to put on a brand new bracelet yesterday and it was tight 😦 It is of course not my favorite time of the month, but there has been a three-pound gain… OVER THE COURSE OF A WEEK!

Add to it, the cravings are never-ending today and I can’t beat it: I had two cups of mashed potatoes at lunch today. Seriously? Who does that?

This week is already no good and very bad and I want it to be over.

Here’s a question for you, gals: Since I’m dealing with PCOS and trying to get my hormones to act right… IS THIS NORMAL?

I mean, I will hear myself say something and immediately regret it… almost as it is coming out of my mouth! I have been rather short with Hubs (Bless him!) and Nan (who just knows it will pass) but there is no excuse! It doesn’t happen every month either- it seems as if every three months or so it is HORRIBLE!

I beg of you ladies, help me out here and tell me I’m not crazy. Furthermore, if you suffer the same (or should I say, if your husband’s suffer the same) is there anything you do to calm your inner beast? I don’t know if I can take a whole week or so with as short of a fuse as I have right now. Give me salty, give me sweet, give me another three pounds 😦

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  1. I can say from experience that this is a normal thing. Every few months I deal with the same thing, and it totally sucks, but after a week or so, I seem to be feeling a bit better even though i am kicking myself for any food I ate that I shouldn’t have, but I just keep pushing forward…it is a step backwards but for every one of those…i take three forward. Keep up the good work pretty lady! Smile!!

  2. I have no experience with PCOS but I do have experience with awfully weird menstrual cycles and (more recently) a medical condition that is basically the precursor to cervical cancer, so I can tell you that from my experience cravings and irritability is totally, totally normal. I’ve snapped at Mike unrelentingly and wound up halfway done with a bad-for-me food before I even know what I’m doing.

    And let me tell you that STRESS makes it worse! Obviously we all want to push ourselves and achieve our goals, but if you’re stressing yourself out it will definitely set you back.

    I’ve found that stopping and taking a deep breath really helps. I remind myself that I have to be good to myself (in mind, spirit, and body). And -if all else fails- I literally sit on my hands for a full five minutes after a craving before I get up and fulfill that craving.

    Keep your chin up, lady! I admire you for all your hard work. There will be setbacks but you’re stronger than them!

    (Btw – I am fully capable of eating two cups of mashed potatoes in one sitting so you are not alone in that.)

  3. My quarter’s worth – yep, it’s gonna be wordy!

    First of all, is PCOS the only issue? Have they checked out your thyroid, parathyroids, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, your A1c (it’s related to insulin resistance, but not necessarily diabetes), and your cholesterol level? Chances are good that you have metabolic syndrome – and it’s a constellation of problems that sometimes you really have to push the right buttons for to get it diagnosed properly. Especially thyroid issues – and you’d be amazed at how much influence your thyroid has on PCOS. Even if your standard thyroid labs come back “normal”, ask your doctor to run a thyroid antibody test and T4.

    As for symptoms, one thing you might want to try to help with the mood swings and other joyful pleasures of these types of disorders is taking evening primrose oil. Research it a little online to get comfortable with it, and then head on over to your nearest pharmacy or health food/vitamin shop and pick some up. Take it religiously…

    Carbs – don’t over restrict, and promise yourself a small indulgence every day. If you love ice cream, try a lower sugar gelato or better yet, freeze some of your favorite fruit, and then toss it in a blender with some agave nectar and milk (add some protein powder if you like a thicker texture) and indulge (or simply whip it up and throw it back in the freezer for a delicious frozen treat). Stay away from artificial sweeteners if you can – the jury is still out on how the body actually handles them from an insulin reaction standpoint.

    Excercise – every little bit counts and even if it’s only 5 minutes, it’s 5 minutes that you weren’t exercising previously. On the flip side, changing up your routine to do a variety of exercises for 5 minutes each is actually more productive.

    Buy yourself a couple t-shirts that have cutesy saying on them that only your husband/significant other/best friend will understand. It’ll serve as a warning to them that you’re not in an entirely sane state of hormones. My personal favorite was my tee with a cat with claws bared and a simple “Don’t bug me” – now it’s “watch out, I’m menopausal (and I know where I can get a gun).”

    Don’t overdo caffeine – it dehydrates you, even if you’re drinking 3 liters of diet mountain dew a day. Water, water, water…. it will also help kill the carb cravings. Just drink a glass of ice, ice cold water when you start craving something, get involved in something interesting, and watch the cravings disappear.

    Okay, enough for starters… I’ll look forward to seeing you feeling better with all of the wonderful changes you’re making!


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