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Fit and “Flab-u-Less” Week In Review | Week Seven

Hello friends! Today we come with exciting news in my fit and “flab-u-less” report! I have broken through the ten pounder mark! That’s right: I am down 0.8lbs this week for a grand loss of 10.2! It was a small loss this week, which is fine with me! When we lost power I had several snack tubs of pringles and some cheeze-itz  for dinner. When we didn’t trust the stuff in our fridge we went out for more Mexican. Almost a pound works for me!

Hubs and I are getting motivated with the fitness aspect of all this and I think I mentioned we ordered a sha-weet stationary bike- definitely not your granny’s bike! Thursday it was supposed to be delivered to us and I was so anxiously waiting 😀 About two hours after we lost power the phone rang and was the delivery guy. (We ordered it on-line and like a furniture company was delivering it instead of sending it through UPS). He was within 5 miles of our house when his tire blew! It was 5:30, and his repair guy was coming from Chula Vista (So, easily an hour and a half away!) Needless to say we did not get our bike Thursday, and sadly have not heard from dispatch as to when it will be rescheduled for delivery.

In other news though, we got something else to kind of play around with:

Yeppers, we got mouth guards and boxing gloves! We ordered a speed bag and heavy bag (dual) stand (you know, not much fits in a Honda Civic!) and are awaiting its arrival. In the meantime I have been doing Kickboxing Bootcamp (which some of you on twitter are seeing as “Ninja Skillz”) which is definitely not for the weak! I am learning the punches and kicks and having a blast! We’ve decided when we fly home to visit we will take our gloves with us to work out… so, I think we have to put that in checked luggage?

Overall it has been a fabulous week. If you are on this journey with me, I hope you are having great success! We can do this: an ounce at a time!


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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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