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I was PROUD to be an American on September 10th

Ten years ago I was 16. Ten years ago I was a Junior in a high school under the flight lines leading to Oceana. I lived near the Naval Air Station attached to NOB. Ten years ago as I was at my locker going from Algebra 2 to Public Speaking people were in a panic. While sitting in my Public Speaking class the principal came over the loud-speaker once more and we prayed (as I went to a Catholic school). Our teacher broke some recommendations from Father (the principal) and turned on the television. I sat there and just wanted the media to stop playing the now infamous video of the second tower being hit.

Ten years later I feel the same way.

I recognize that everyone has the freedom of speech, and yet we sometimes shouldn’t use that freedom. As a military wife I’ve learned to keep certain opinions to myself, or between my husband and I. Trust me, there are many views that I hold that just aren’t the popular opinion. I just can’t hold this one in anymore and know there must be others out there who both love this country and yet share this view with me.

The media has gotten out of control. Why do we, as Americans, continue to relive the pain from that day? Do you need to see the images to be reminded of your pride in America; your pride as an American? I don’t need to watch Vietnam or WWII (dubya, dubya two) movies to stand up and thank Vets when they walk by.

from Google via Elizabeth on Pinterest

We will never forget the terror that struck America that day, but I promise you this: I was proud to be an American on September 10, 2001. I was proud to be an American on everyday, for 16 years before then as well. I supported our troops and had pride in the men and women who served this great country before then. I saw honor in our military, our brothers in blue, and the brave men and women who run into burning buildings for a living. I had a sense of pride in the people who save us, before the dreadful day they had to try to save so many. Even at 16 I recognized that on September 12, 2001 it was hard to find a bumper that didn’t have an “I Love Jet Noise” bumper sticker and folks talking about “the sounds of Freedom!”

I have also had the extreme pleasure of seeing this song performed live, by Lee Greenwood, and there is nothing as moving my friends- nothing.

Play this song on some random day: February 3, April 16… any day other than July 4th, Memorial Day or 9/11 – show your patriotism year round.

Quite frankly, I am ready for Monday. I am ready to not have to see the images, to not hear the stories. I am also curious how future generations will hear the stories and events of the day. After being to NYC several times in my youth, I hope they learn of the majesty that was those towers and the strength of a city to continue after such devastation.

As with every Thursday, I’ll be linking up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon! For some awesome songs, head on over and check her out!

*The views expressed are the sole views of myself and do not reflect the views of my husband, the United States Navy or the DoD.


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  1. I am right there with you on all of your points. I don’t enjoy having the 10th year anniversary shoved in my face like I have some kind of obligation to gather with others to commemorate the day. I’ll do just fine remembering on my own like I have since it happened.
    Not to diss those who will be going to a remembrance ceremony, it just isn’t for me.
    And the song is obviously a classic 😀

  2. I love this song so much- Always have. I have to say I took a different view on Sunday’s anniversary mostly because the husband is deployed. I wish we could just skim over it out of fear of the worst happening to him, not because I don’t want to remember the past ten years. I have to say yours is a good view point as well- thanks for sharing.

  3. I could not agree more about the media over-covering EVERYTHING these days (I think you’ve been in California long enough to see the ridiculous “Storm Watch 2011” news hysteria when we get a half inch of rain….you’d think the sky was falling!) but I also think the stories we’re seeing this week, personal accountings of what happened that day, DO need to be told. I don’t think we should be showing the footage of the planes hitting the towers ad nauseum, specifically because I feel like every time that half-second of footage airs, a terrorist somewhere CELEBRATES it. The stories of hope, survival, of humanity coming together, well those pretty much only show up in Lifetime movies normally….so seeing them in DOCUMENTARY form (a.k.a. REAL LIFE) really does my heart good. The everyday heroes who guided survivors to safety, or helped reunite loved ones, or sifted through the rubble looking for some small item that might give a family closure….those people need to be celebrated (not the gory sensationalized images of people jumping/falling from the towers, or of the planes hitting, or the towers actually crumbling). I pray we never forget what happened that day, but there have to be better ways to remember without glorifying the terrorists’ “success”.

  4. I personally hate the media… there are so many good things and positive things they could show, yet they always focus on the negatives!


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