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Backyard Shenanigans with Barry {the} White {Rabbit}

This last week has been overly interesting in our backyard. Fefe (the next door neighbor’s tiny chihuahua) has been a regular over here. Saturday morning we were violently awaken with Fiona going bat sh- crazy at the patio door in our bedroom. I jumped out of bed, and there in the yard, along our back fence, was a fluffy white rabbit. Here we go again!

I know nothing about rabbits except for the fact that the young couple next door have one. We secured the dogs in the house and went to investigate. You could tell the rabbit was a pet as it came right to me and allowed me to pick it up. I couldn’t very well allow a pet rabbit to be eaten by my dogs, could I? We got our old dog kennel and Hubs brought it out to me. We placed Barry inside and put him in the garage on top of the washing machine. (because yes, our washer and dryer are in the garage)

Me and Barry {the} White {Rabbit}

We called the next door neighbors, who were gone for the day out on the lake. We brought Barry inside when we went for lunch and some shopping and when we got back, we let the dogs get used to him. HOURS had gone by and we didn’t hear from the people next door. I called the animal shelter because I was pretty sure it was theirs, but I didn’t know what to feed it or if it would drink water out of the bowl we put water in for it.

After being reassured the baby carrots I had fed it were sufficient and that yes, he would drink water from a bowl, I felt better.

It was not until after 9pm the neighbors came home and I went over to ask them about their rabbit. Sure enough, Barry was theirs and she came over to get him. Bosco has now gotten attached to Fefe and Barry and is usually sad for a few hours after they go home.

This morning, they were both in our yard. Hopefully they get that fence fixed before I have to bury a dead bunny. I don’t think the dogs like him that much!


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  1. hahah. At least he’s a cute rabbit!


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