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Backyard Shenanigans [Part One]

Thursday morning, the house fell quiet. I didn’t really notice until it was too quiet. I went on a hunt for Bosco and Fiona. I went into our bedroom, where Bosco is usually hanging out on the bed and Fiona is usually hanging out on a comforter she manages to pull enough of off the bed (since she can’t jump high enough to get on the bed. Princesses don’t really jump, ya know?) They were not there, but I saw her shadow through the curtains of our patio door. Good deal. Then I saw his shadow. Alright. Then… I saw another shadow? I went over and there was a third dog in the backyard. That was different.

I opened the door and Fiona came barking through the door telling me all about it. Bosco came running up to me to introduce me to his new friend and the new friend, a teeny little chihuahua, got low to the ground and crawled towards the door. I stuck my hand out and she came to me slowly. I was able to hold her and read her dog tag: Fefe. Fefe lives next door and must have been able to climb through the fence.

We haven’t spoken to the next door neighbors since the guy came over drunk at 10:30 one night to introduce himself, the weekend Hubs got back from deployment. It’s been awkward. I scooped Fefe up and walked on over though. The gal was super sweet and apologetic. The dogs all got along though, so it was no big deal. I gave her our number, in case they were ever looking for her and couldn’t find her.

Yesterday, the house fell quiet once more and sure enough, I peek out the back window to this:

"I got a brand new girlfriend, the kind you bring home on the weekend"

Bosco and his new lady! I called the next door neighbor and said Fefe made her way back over and they were having fun, so if she didn’t mind, we would let them be for a while and I would keep an eye on them. They had the most fun afternoon!

The Three Amigos!

Bosco sure was sad when his girlfriend had to go home, and they’re kind of pouty today. This has only restored the idea that we need a third, cute little dog for Bosco to play with. Fiona is grouchy about it, but my old gal will come around.


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