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Helping Strangers and Making New Friends!

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Hello there, friends! I’m sure you’ve read about how the military community helps each other out in times of need. This week I have been blessed to help in my military community in multiple ways… and it’s only Tuesday!

First: This morning I got to meet another blogger! The wonderful Neidy from Neidy’s Infinite Playlist! She is an amazing Marine wife who I was thrilled to meet. We had a great lunch today and I am looking forward to getting to know her more! One of the best things about the blogging community is this: she and I are both relatively new to the area and yet have met in passing in the bloggy world. We also made our friendship “facebook official” recently! In this lifestyle we often find ourselves in tough spots: needing moral support, verbal support or physical support. I was honored when she asked if I could help her and I jumped at the chance to help a fellow spouse out today and feel so blessed that our paths crossed in real life! I can’t wait to get to know her more!

PS: I was trying too hard to get “Five Guys” in our picture and didn’t her little baby bump in, but it is adorable in real life!

Neidy and Me after a tasty lunch!

On a much sadder note, on my way home this afternoon I stopped by the Chapel on base to drop off some food donations for the family affected by last weeks fire in housing I talked about yesterday. In true Marine form, their needs have been successfully met at this point in time. The community came to the aid of them and with an outpouring of love has gotten them the things they need. I cried as soon as I got to my car, as the spirit truly touched me this afternoon while talking with the Chaplain, knowing the community never leaves one of theirs behind.

In an e-mail from the Chaplain:

If you or your family would like to give towards the family monetarily, a special charitable fund has been set up for this purpose. The ASYMCA have been at this family’s side assisting them every step of the way since they first learned of the incident. They continue to help Marines, Sailors and families in need and have shown us there are no limits to their unfailing love. Please send check, money order or cashier’s check and made out to the Armed Services YMCA – Camp Pendleton. Please write “Fire Support” in the memo line.
Monies may be mailed to:

ASYMCA Camp Pendleton
Box 555028, Building 16144
Camp Pendleton CA 92055-5028

Above all else, please continue to keep this family in your prayers! There is a mother and father who are mourning the loss of their daughter, and two brothers mourning the loss of their sister.

I do have the Chapel address if you would like to send condolences (and perhaps still a gift card for a meal or home furnishings).

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  1. Reading this gave me chills of happiness how their needs have been met at this point and the love they have been shown. Ooh-Rah Marines.

  2. So awesome you two got to meet. 🙂

    How amazing that the family has been taken care of like that.

  3. Hooray for new friends! 🙂 I’m glad you linked up at the roundup.


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