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Fit and “Flab-u-Less” Week In Review | Week Five

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Wow- five weeks down 😀 Not just five weeks down but 6.8 pounds down as well! I like that pace and will take it after my sick week thrown in there!

This past week was a whirlwind of blessings! We got some answers to my fatigue issues and it’s a pretty easy fix. My B12 levels were 250 (on a measurement scale of 211-986!) That’s super low and we’re working on getting them fixed with shots. I have felt great since my first shot and know the issue is working on being resolved.

We are starting to eat healthy again this week, which makes the biggest difference! We were eating out tons between being sick and being tired. We did crappy Chinese take out, comfort food, and lots of Mexican! (It doesn’t help that it’s my cravy week, either! I loves me some salt as I’m getting ready for my special time of the month.) It is so nice to get back in the kitchen, spend time preparing meals and know we’re getting great nutrition. Now to work on a meal plan for this week and stick to it!

I am down 2.2 pounds this week! Slow and steady wins the race!

We are still heading over to the track a few times a week, building back up to what we were doing before we got sick. While I am there I use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). If you are in the market for one, I highly suggest you do some research and get one! There are tons out there and a wide variety of prices and purposes behind them all. I did some looking around and went with the FT4 model. It tells me my heart rate and beeps if I go below the target or above the target for activity! I love this feature because I sometimes felt my heart was going to fast- like I was about to go into coronary attack or something. I’ve only had it beep at me once for going too high, and I felt it right before the beep!

You enter in all your information and it will tell you how many calories you burned during your “exercise”. I use this term loosely for this next example. Last weekend, once we were finally feeling better we did a deep clean of the house. I used to laugh when I saw people logging “cleaning” as exercise on My Fitness Pal. Saturday I worked up a good sweat and Sunday I threw on the HRM. I burned a pretty impressive amount of calories by dancing around the house while cleaning and jogging in place while switching laundry from the washer to dryer. I tracked it for the day as well! I don’t laugh when I see it, but I don’t track simply doing the dishes either (although I wanted to yesterday for all the yumminess we ate on our dinner date!)

It has overall helped with being able to have a better understanding of what I am actually burning, to keep on top of my “net calories” for each day. I definitely eat back my work-out calories to ensure my body doesn’t go into starvation mode, which is super important, especially on Tuesdays now that we’re line dancing!

If you are on this journey with me, I hope you have a “flab-u-less” week, friends! Let’s make it a kick ass one and Rock this B**CH!

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  1. Don’t ever give up!! You can make your goals 🙂 I have a really great recipe for healthy yummy oatmeal I eat each morning after my workouts. You should try it! Feel free to visit my blog


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