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Blinded By The Light

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Happy Saturday, friends! Hubs and I are having a pretty lazy day out West- keeping an eye on my Wavy 10 updates via my facebook feed and keeping in touch with Nan. All is going well right now with my family, however I do have a prayer request for you: I went to school with twins and their mom has lost the roof on her house! This before Irene even nears the Norfolk, VA area. Please keep her in your prayers as Irene moves closer and during her rebuilding phase.

Other than this, we are getting ready for a BLIND DATE! Yep! We are meeting Lindsey, from A Freckled Life this afternoon and joining her and her husband for what looks like a delicious dinner. We all know the train wreck that came from my last meet up with a blogger, so I’m a bit nervous!

You never really know someone until you meet them. I know I may come across as a quiet, shy, reserved lady on here (hehe) but I’m loud, obnoxious, and a blogger (which means there is no you to me confidentiality, everything is subject to find its way to the internet). I have a good feeling about dinner though and am so looking forward to it! It has been great meeting more folks and having our social calender fill up! We are going to an Italian place that Hubs and I have never been to. They have chocolate ravioli, and can I just say my mouth is watering waiting for dessert!

The only bummer is I’m on antibiotics! (To which I give a boo and a hiss!) I was so looking forward to enjoying a nuts&berries with dessert- nectar of the Gods my friends! I will definitely let you know just how douchebag Lindsey finds me (which hopefully will be ZERO!), how delicious the chocolate ravioli is, and if I can restrain myself from the fried mozzarella and stick with the house salad instead. For now it’s off to shower land! My nails are a wreck, sorry Linds!

PS: Did I mention I give everyone nicknames while refusing to answer to “Liz” myself? So, Linds, we’ll see you soon 😀

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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. You’re hilarious! I always warn people that when they hang out with me, they’re always at risk of being posted about on the blog! You’re so brave to actually go out and meet other bloggers IRL! I hope it goes well!

    And…not to mess up your awesome healthy choices and all, but chocolate ravioli and mozzarella sticks sound like heaven.

  2. Oh who cares if your nails are a wreck…mine are done cause I got a gel manicure two weeks ago….lol….loving it though cause it is lasting for so long!! Can’t wait for tonight! Oh, and a lot of people call me Linds so I will definitely respond to it! So excited!!

  3. I’m always nervous when I meet new bloggers but I’ve been pretty lucky and enjoyed their company! I hope you had a great time out with your new blog friend! 🙂


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