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Hungry Like… [the wolf]

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Now that I am feeling 100% again, I got to go have my blood work done this morning. YAY! (NOT) I do blood work about as good as I do sick. Not well.

I rode into the hospital with Hubs so I could have the car. As we were getting ready to leave (fixing to go coffee, making sure he had snacks and I had my I.D. card to get back on Base this afternoon) I grabbed my “blood work buddy” – a teddy bear Hubs got me for our first Valentine’s day as Husband and Wife. Hubs just kind of gave a funny look and asked what the heck I was stuffing into my purse. I explained, much to his entertainment that I need a buddy with me, since I enjoy blood work so much. 

We got to the Hospital around 6:30 and I figured I would go right on over to the blood place since they opened at 7. Well, there was a line outside when I got there, so I just parked and called Nan. The line stayed there and grew, and grew, and grew! I got out of the car and into line around 7:30. Around quarter to eight a gal came up in her scrubs, frustrated and in a rush. The 7:00 gal never showed. Upon opening the doors, the waiting room was already full for her.

I sat and waited for doom’s day. Soon my name was called and I sat in the chair with my little blood work buddy. Of course, I’m fasting for this blood work and have been starving hungry since I woke up at 5! Any other day of the week, I don’t eat that early- not even by 6. Today- I could eat a horse.

The gal who did my blood work was a doll and I barely felt the needle! She was in, got her FOUR tubes of my sweet blood and was taping my arm up. I was in and out in an hour (which you know never happens at those places where you get seen on a first come basis!) and feel fine. Now we just wait for the results 😦 They are running a whole slew of tests and I sure hope they find an answer. Naturally, I will keep you posted and appreciate your thoughts during this time of uncertainty. I am hoping it is not diabetes. I am hoping it is lazy-itis… or something simple to fix like an iron or vitamin deficiency.

Onward to the commissary… AND BREAKFAST! Happy Monday, friends!

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Paleo wife on 150lb weightloss journey documenting life, marriage, health & military move to Okinawa! Tough Mudder (Nov '12) and Stella & Dot Stylist!

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  1. I hate getting bloodwork, but I’ve done it a TON at our current Navy hospital. (They made me go in once a week after my miscarriage until I was sufficiently un-pregnant.) I’ve never gone first thing in the morning, but all the times I’ve gone it’s been the quickest thing ever. I really take it for granted sometimes! My husband just had to fast for his bloodwork this morning as well (first time in over 3 years they made him fast??). Anyway, I’m glad the needle was relatively painless for you, and I hope the results show an easy fix!


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