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Coming to you LIVE from Sickville

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I don’t “do” sick. I never have. When I was a kid I would get sick about once every other year, and it was always in October… it was also always strep throat. I was miserable for a week and then perfectly fine for the next year. When I was very little I got chicken pox. I got them so bad they covered my entire body- in my ears, in my nose, on my little eyelids. I remember my mother taping oven mitts on my hands to keep me from scratching my entire body. I also remember lots of bath time in a goopy oatmeal substance. Life is not fun when I get sick, friends. I am the “typical male” when I get ill.

My last time in sick bay was October 31, 2009. The day hubs and I were wedded. I was feeling fine! We handed out candy and I even went a few doors down to babysit! While babysitting, it came on out of nowhere and it came on strong. I spent the next three days passed out on a couch where we were dog sitting, in and out of consciousness, as my brand new husband ate leftover Halloween candy as a means of sustenance.

Last night my healthy streak was broken and for the first time in almost two years, a sickness swept over me. It started with a sniffle and I knew I was catching what hubs had over the weekend. My preemptive chicken noodle soup did not help.

Cuddling with Boscottie and some tissues

I guess it is time for me to recognize my husband works somewhere where there is sickness. He will be bringing home cooties and sicky germs. Let’s get used to this now, so the rest of his career will be easier on both of us 😦

How do you handle sickness, friends? Are you a big baby like me or do you sleep it off swiftly and move on? For me, looks like I’m hitting more Gatorade and hitting the covers.


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  1. I’m terrible with sickness! I always want to wrap up in a comforter with a mug of Throat Soothers tea and not move for days. I whimper. I always end up calling my mom for comfort. My poor husband has to deal with my terrible whining. After the first day or two, I can handle it just fine, but when the worst of it hits, I want the world to stop and revolve around me!

  2. I only get sick once in a bue moon also, and I HATE it when it happens because I feel so unproductive lol! I get knocked on my butt for several days and I drink NyQuil and sleep it off 🙂

    Dont feel bad, I had the flu the day I got married to the ex hubs– Instead of champagne, I toasted with Thera-flu 😦

    I hope you feel better soon!!! 🙂

  3. I never get sick…except for sinus infections but I don’t really count that. I’ve read that if you keep a pristine home you’re more prone to sickness. I’m not saying that we’re slobs or anything, but we’ve got dust bunnies. We also have dogs, and no carpeting. I’ve also heard carpeting will hold bacteria that can cause you to be sick. My mom also worked for the school system when I was little, first as a bus driver and TA and then as a substitute teacher…I say all that to say…get dusty, pull up your carpeting, and become an elementary school teacher! 😛 Feel better soon! 🙂

  4. Oh no! For me, sickness means it’s time for tea and Jane Austen movies. Hope you feel better soon!


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