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Fit and “Flab-U-Less” Week In Review | Week Three

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This week was a pretty hard week for me. I’ve developed an overwhelming exhaustion which I am going to the doctor tomorrow to set up some blood work for. My initial thoughts were: iron deficiency, lupus, or cancer. That is where my mind goes. This was re-inforced when hubs suggested I look at WebM.D., which I hate because the site is so dramatic- of course you’re dying. I went to it, typed in my symptoms and of course cancer is the first through tenth thing to pop up. GREAT. Furthermore: one breast was larger than the other, noticeably, recently. Tumor, anyone? That’s what the irrational me says. The rational me says, no- it’s either where your body is losing weight first or your period, get over it.

Dr. J found a polite way to tell me I looked like ass. After explaining everything to him he suggested vitamin B6 or B12. I’m waiting until after blood work to start a supplement. I currently take no supplements or vitamins at all, and unless you’re a doctor, I’m just not interested in what you have to say. I’ll let you know what the doc says tomorrow. I’m going to ask about a pre-natal. They say the health benefits are out of this world. I’m afraid of sickness so many women say they get as a side effect. Oh, and no- we’re not looking to get pregnant… ever.

Let’s just say this week my main goal has been to simply come close to my calories. Most days I succeeded, some days I did not. When you feel like crap, it’s hard. I’m working on less fruits and more veggies. I still have the main goal everyday of drinking all my water.

I did not continue with the 30 Day Shred as my back has given me some pain. It usually happens around my time of the month, but this is unusual right now. Great, another thing to talk to the doctor about! Here’s my thoughts: slipped disc of pinched nerve. This results in a call to Nan asking if she can come keep me company after the resulting back surgery I now have to undergo. Nan has reassured me it is most likely a muscle. We’ll see when I’m laid up in a full body cast. Haha. 

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So let’s see the stats for this week:

Loss this week: 2.4

Total loss: 6.8 lbs! Feeling good for that- but still feeling like crap otherwise.

Hubs and I have slacked on working out with not feeling well. I’ve flipped and flopped since Thursday- up a pound, down a pound, up and ounce, down an ounce. This week we get back into it for real and see what the good doc has to say.

Here is to another fit and “flab-u-less” week! If you are on the journey with me, keep up the good work, friends!

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  1. I took prenatal vitamins before I ever even got married to try to help with my skin. They really are pretty awesome for any woman in their 20’s. Most people I know who can’t handle them say it’s because of the iron in them, but they make gummy ones without iron. I take a chewable prenatal vitamin (with iron), and have been taking it both before and during pregnancy with no ill effects. Obviously, talk to your doctor, but know that there are a lot of options when it comes to vitamins. I took chewable Centrum complete for a number of months last year as well (not at the same time as the prenatals). Sorry you had a rough week, and I hope your back starts feeling better. Best to stay off WebMD if you’re a hypochondriac 😛

  2. WebMd will be my downfall! I hurt myself running. It was obviously just a sprain. But, WebMd had me convinced I had an ACL tear and I needed surgery asap!

    Great job with your weight loss!

  3. If you do take a prenatal take it before bed and you’ll sleep through any side effects (nausea, whatever).

  4. Wow – great job keeping it up while you weren’t feeling good! That’s such a hard thing for me to do! We had planned to go to 4 morning classes at our gym last week and ended up only going to one because both my husband and I were so sore that we could hardly move. And because I started work and stand up for 8 hours a day now, my back was killing me…so we decided one day was enough.

    I hope you feel better soon!


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