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But Was It A Good Bite?

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Over the course of the weekend we decided since I would be going into Temecula today, we would drop the pups off at Doggie Daycare. They enjoy the socialization and the get groomed on location! Bosco needed his nails trimmed and a good scrub down while little miss Lady Fiona needed a shave and a good soothing bath. Even though we’ve given her flea treatment, we’ve noticed some scratching lately and she’s been whiny. Hopefully, a soothing scrub and a closer shave will help!

This morning I left the house and we arrived around 9 am at Dogtopia. There was a woman who pulled in a few parking spots away from us and proceeded to release her six small, obese dogs from the cage of her SUV. One little fatty didn’t want to exit. As I was getting out of the car with my two over-anxious dogs, the woman calls for hers: “Come here baby!” Bosco tries to make a break for it and I inform him he is not the baby she is referring to. I let the lady go in first, as Bosco is a little… shall we say, aggressive, when he is around strangers.

The woman would not leave the lobby! So we sucked it up and went on in. Bosco was showing a little aggression before so I had picked him up. As he snarled and growled the woman commented that she could not believe his behavior. I’m sorry, what? Luckily for her, the Dogtopia gal said, “oh, he’s just watching out for mom!”

It was about 9:16 as I pulled away and left my babies there to be pampered and play.

An hour and a half later, while I was in a session with Dr. J, my phone started vibrating and it was Dogtopia. We were almost done so I did not answer it, but I mentioned who was calling. My first thought (which became a comment) was “Oh gosh, if Bosco bit someone I hope it was at least a good enough bite to make it worth my time!” You know, like if you have kids and one of them got into a fight on the playground, you at least kind of hope it was a good fight, maybe a little blood was shed even. You don’t want to have the pussy of a kid who slapped someone! Oh, is that just me?

Back to Boscotti: Dr. J just kind of laughed. I said, “Yeah, we’ve been training him with puperroni on the neck, so I hope he didn’t let us down! I mean, we watched shark week while training him, so did he at least jump and twirl as he was biting, or was it a quick little sneak attack on the ankles? Did he breach?”

 When our session was done, I listened to the voicemail… yep, there was a voicemail- this couldn’t be good! To my relief it was just the groomer calling to make sure I wanted Fiona shaved closer this time than last time. *SIGH OF RELIEF* The five minutes or so between getting the cal, and hearing the voicemail were the most stressful five minutes since we adopted Bosco and Fiona (a year and a half ago!). My boy didn’t let me down!

Do you use doggie daycare? Have you ever gotten that dreaded call and instantly thought your dog did something that would get them banned for life? I know I can’t be the only one in need of Cesar Millan!

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  1. I love bringing Miley to daycare! She never looks back at us when we drop her off, it almost makes me a little sad! We’ve never received a call, thank God…but I’m always worried that she’s going to cause trouble! If she isn’t allowed back there I’d be effed!

  2. Funny, not much different then you do feel with kids and yes, you want your kid to get a good one in! We used to take Shin (our lab) to daycare, he is about 114 pounds and nothing but a big lap dog. The years have been long for Shin and now I can’t take him any longer, he just gets too warn out and with his hips not doing good it’s just too much. We need some elder care homes for our pets so we can leave then now. LOL..


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