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Why, Oh Why, Wyoming

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You thought this was a square with a heart? No, it's Wyoming.

Retirement. It is something I think of almost obsessively. Yes: I am 26. Yes, my husband has another [hopeful] 20 years in the United States Navy. It is the United States Navy that has given me this complex of nomad-ness. We don’t really have a “home” anymore. We love it here in Fallbrook, but let’s be honest- California is just too expensive to buy a house and come back “home” to when our time moving is over and done with.

Hubs is from South Carolina, and let’s be honest: After “suffering” through the Southern California heat- there is no way we are ever moving back to the south on our own recognizance. I grew up half of my life in Connecticut and the other half in Virginia. Virginia: hello humidity! Connecticut: Hello worst memories of my life! The only plus to New England would be a summer home on the Cape!

I often think about not having children, and by the time retirement hits we can pack our belongings in storage, buy an RV, and travel across the United States looking for the perfect home to call our own! There are only 48 Continental states and 52 weeks in the year, so we would have time for the military to still move us there!

We once thought Yuma, AZ would be nice. I think the heat got to our heads. We also thought Texas would be good- you just can’t beat the BBQ we had at one place as we were driving through last summer. Now, your old pal Hubs has chosen WYOMING as his next dream retirement destination. I can see a spring vacation there in our future!

These are the things we sit and discuss, dreaming about our future, on Friday nights. Let’s just see how many times this changes over the course of the next 20-25 years!


One Of Those Days!

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Hello friends! It is FRIDAY and the weekend is upon us! I have been pinning all day over on Pinterest and it has been feeding my “girly-time-of-the-month-cravings!” The one I keep coming back to and drooling is this pin:


mmm... delicious!


I even sent the following e-mail to your old pal Hubs:

Maybe you could come home with some rainbow sherbet (from Albertson’s or Baskin Robbin) or some nachos or some cape cod style potato chips. Or maybe you could just call and when you get here I can have the dogs in the kennel and we could go and I could run in so you didn’t have to in your uniform if you didn’t want to. Or… maybe we can after dinner. I have been having crazy cravings all day 😦 I’m a hopeless cause this week!
Love you!

Thank heaven for the man who puts up with me! I don’t know how he manages to keep his sanity in tact! It’s awkward because I never dealt with this in my teens, and it’s all new with my new medication. I crave saltiness… and sherbet. One month I seriously ate three bags of pizza rolls (we’re talking the bags of 90, here girls!) over the course of 4 days… and it was all I ate! Another month I bought 2 bags of chips (normal sized bags) and ate them in one day.

Hubby is no longer deployed and I can’t get away with that kind of gluttony anymore.

I suppose one day I’ll get used to these cravings and get them under control. Until then, excuse me while I fill a 10 Gallon Rubbermaid Container full of kettle cooked potato chips and eat every last one. Nom, nom, nom!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool, and I’ll catch you in the twittersphere and in facebooklandia! (You know… by clicking the “F” and the “T” up over on the top left side of the screen)

PS: WORDPRESS FOLKS: do you know how to just put the link to the pin in and have the blog take care of it? I know in blogger you can just put the ling there and Pinterest takes care of the rest… another thing I’m getting used to on the WP.

Sh*t My Husband Says | Web Journalism Duo

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Last night hubs and I were making a Costco run. Since we were going up to Temecula we figured we would stop and grab something to eat. We’re still checking out the area and visiting new restaurants. This led to not knowing where to go as we threw out ideas to each other of places near Costco. We decided on a cute little pub called The Tilted Kilt.

Well, it wouldn’t be an outing with my husband without some entertainment for you!


As we are turning into the mall area to make our way to the restaurant hubs says: “We can do an investigative report on the place since we’re web journalists now.”

Yep… you read it right, but if gets better! I inquisitively respond with the simple: “Web journalists?”

His response: “Yeah, like Hilton Perez.”

“Baby, you mean Perez Hilton?” I ask.

“Oh, well whatever his name is,” he responds. He thinks for a quick minute and says “Do you think that’s a spoof on Paris Hilton?”

“Yes, hubby. Yes I do.”

Bless his poor little heart. I bet you didn’t know this little blog was the musings of an Investigative Web Journalist duo! Navy Man and Housewife by day – exposing the truth by night!

I lay there wide awake last night in bed jittery and asked if he wanted me to leave the room so he could fall asleep. He asked what I would do and I told him nothing- lay on the couch. He said “You could write the SMHS blog post!” I’m thinking I might need to start a separate blog for his budding “web journalist” ego and all of the Sh*t My Husband Says!

This Friday Night

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I don’t know if you remember the song “I Love College” by that Asher Roth kid. I loved my time in college though- crazy parties, good times, I guess I learned a few things too… but, as Toby Keith would say: “Nights I can’t remember with friends I’ll never forget”. That is what I first think of when I think back on college. While it is a part of me in the past [as we learned this weekend when we were out until midnight!] they are memories I have of fun times with friends. 

When I hear Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” [side note: I just got the whole line of Katy Perry O.P.I. colors. Full report to come :D] I am instantly taken back to my college days. Shouldn’t everyone have a crazy story to tell their kids? I know if we ever have kids, I’ll have more than a few stories to share… kids need to know their parents were human once as well!

I’ve been kicked out of a few bars in my life [4 to be exact, those are stories better left untold]. I’ve made friends with random strangers on the streets of Norfolk and Virginia Beach while walking drunk back to a friends car after a night of drinking. We’ve drunkenly harassed cops and never once been arrested. 

They weren’t all peachy moments. I once had to have my mother and step father drive to Virginia Beach in the middle of the night to rescue me from the scariest situation of my life because I passed out on Hampton Blvd, by ODU. My friends let a guy [whom they thought knew me] take me home when he offered. This was an event that no girl should ever have to experience, but because I did- I know my daughter never will.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT. The epic story of our generation. Rebellion. Celebration. Freedom. Oh, and that catchy Katy Perry bringing it all to us. When I hear this song I remember drinking every dollar we had. Meeting new people in bars. Peeing on the side of Colley Avenue in Norfolk one Mardi Gras after being kicked out of Red Dog. I’ll leave you with this mash-up and of course… the song!

It's A Blacked Out Blur, But I'm Pretty Sure It Ruled!

I have fond memories of all of these “Friday nights”. From passing out at IHOP, drinking shots of SoCo with strangers and stealing a few ball caps from young sailors to bar crawls, epic St. Patty’s Day parades in the OV and O.A.R. concerts. My friends and I truly had amazing nights, and pictures really did end up online. I can thank that old dinosaur “Myspace” for still having all these pictures!

Nights I Can't Remember... Friends I'll NEVER Forget!

Oh, and the anthem for young folks these days and those reminiscing on days when they were younger:

As always friends, head on over and link up with your old pal Amber for the fun!

Paint Chips… How [P]Interesting!

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By now I’m sure we all are on the Pinterest bandwagon. I signed up about a month and a half ago and had zero luck with the site. I couldn’t figure out how to pin. I couldn’t get the little pin thing in the toolbar that I didn’t even have. I felt like a senior citizen with an 1980’s computer mouse… hopeless.

All hope was not lost though and over the weeks I’ve browsed endless boards and even figured out how to do it myself! I still browse the boards and search for different phrases to see what beautiful things come up. As a Navy spouse I was overjoyed when I found the following pin on a friends board:

I was even more thrilled when I clicked on it and it took me to a website: Hand Make My Day! There, I was able to find the tutorial on just how Andrea made this clever little moving cards. Don’t worry- it was cleared in the comments that the Behr paint company is fine with using their paint chips in such a way, as I am sure most paint companies would be. How exciting would it be to use Blue and Yellow paint chips for a Navy move? Or, for that matter, the colors of any branch of the Armed Services!

We have a solid two years before we plan for another move, but this idea is going in my craft thoughts box… I mean, my “Crafty Times” Pinterest board… for down the road when I’ll need it!

ALSO- I think this would be cute in nursery colors for shower invites! The possibilities are endless, and right now, I’m thinking CHRISTMAS! I just can’t wait to try them!

FroYo to Rodeo to Birthday Fun | 365.5

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I have to tell you the motivation with this 365 has not wavered over the course of the last 5 weeks. I can’t believe time is moving right along like this!


Top Center: Our first trip to Fallbrook FroYo! A local little FroYo shop. Delicious!

Top Right: I’ve gone country and got my first pair of cowboy boots… and love them!

Middle Left: RODEO! Again, I can’t stress how fun it was!

Center Square: Microbrew Festival at Pechenga Casino & Resort.

Middle Right: National Ice Cream Day 😀 We headed to Baskin Robbins for a cone to celebrate!

Bottom Left: A very happy birthday celebration with the hubster. He turned 34, on the 34th day of our challenge!

Bottom Center: First day of work! Hubs drove himself in and I’m proud to report had a fabulous day!

As an aside: When I preview this post, the image is not showing up :/ If this remains the case after publishing, I will re-publish with the individual pictures!

Sh*t My Husband Says | Work Ethic

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WOW- we’ve had quite a few SMHS’ lately. It feels good for me! I started it about a month and a half before deployment last year and had 5 before they left. It slowed down during deployment and it appears we are back in business with the ever amusing comments that come from the hubster’s mouth. Also: I needed a new picture since the old one had my old blog address on it! Introducing the new and improved:

This morning was his first day over at NHCP [Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton]. He was getting ready and talking about working hours. Not knowing how long he would be there today, he drove. He says to me:

“I hope I don’t have to stay all day! That would be some BS!”

No honey, that would be called “work”.

Leave has done him in! He is such a workaholic- I was floored by the notion of him coming home early! He left bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to meet the man he is taking over for and the folks in his new department. Hopefully he has a great day!